Soul Cities


Ever felt a connection to place that you’ve never been to before? Everything about it just whispers to your soul; from the pavement to the cuisine, to the eclectic residents and the rich history that they are apart of. Like there is some kind of divine force just urging you to go there, and you won’t feel content until you’ve strolled through every street and inhaled as much as your lungs can handle – and then some. 

Well, this is what I call a Soul City. But it doesn’t have to be a city, of course. A Soul City can be any destination, from an entire country to a quaint little town in the mountains, to a secret beach spot you once saw pictures of, to a place created entirely in your mind. So as an ode to my many Soul Cities, I’ve decided to start a series encapsulating everything I love about them, and attempting to decipher exactly how and why they have become the places that always rest fondly at the back of my mind.

I hope these posts inspire you to discover what YOUR Soul Cities are, and I hope once you found them you do everything in your power to get there. Because once you’re there, well, there’s no words…

Soul Cities: NYC


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