Style Crush: 80’s Meg Ryan

It will go down on record that I spent the summer of 2017 laying on the couch watching movies. I felt crap, it was too hot, I had lots of free time…pick an excuse. What came of it, was something a little more magical. 

Over the past few years, I have slowly been making my way through classic 80’s and 90’s films. Ya know, all the ones that were huge BEFORE I was born. During my break, I finally bit the bullet and watched When Harry Met Sally and fell instantly in love. The movie was adorable and perfect and I could watch it forever without tiring, but what really blew me away was how much of a babe Meg Ryan was! Not only was she completely charming and cute, but her hair was AMAZING and her wardrobe was on another level. It kind of really isn’t far, but let’s move on from that. 

I have officially made this image my style guide for 2018:


Watching When Harry Met Sally has confirmed that the basis of my style is truly cemented in late 80’s and 90’s fashion, and boy and I disappointed that I missed out wearing this stuff when it was cool the first time round. Now, a good pair of high-waisted jeans are a minimum of $80, and I have to scourge through the racks to find the perfect funnel neck jumper. 

If my hair could go that bouncy, I would be wearing it like that today. Meg truly rules in the fringe department, and I love how her character was so minimally made up, giving her the illustrious “I don’t overly care about fashion but I always look phenomenal” kind of vibes. 

Now I’m just going to shut up and let you drink in all the fabness that is Sally Albright’s wardrobe (plus a few sneaky press shots and some from Sleepless in Seattle – I just couldn’t resist!). 












Till next time,

Viv xo


What Makes A Relationship “A Relationship”?

So you’re probably thinking: “Jeez, Vivienne, how the hell am I supposed to answer that?” 

Well friend, I don’t expect you to. Or at least not in the same way that I would, or your parents would, or a shrink would.  Hell, even googling the definition of the word relationship came up with multiple different meanings; my favourite being:

Relationship (noun): the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.

Which is quite sweet, when you put it that way, but also very practical, because relationships do in fact connect people. Human beings thrive on connection, we always have, and yet, after hundreds of thousands of years, we still struggle to define the relationships we share with certain people. 

Of course they aren’t always so complicated. Sometimes a friend is just a friend, or you have that rare distant cousin that you actually like, or a partner that you have been married to forever. There are lots of relationships in our lives that are uncomplicated, and for the most part, shall remain so. You know the ones – like the cashier at your local post office, or the nice girl at your favourite takeaway shop. It’s easy, simple, straightforward. You say a quick hello and thank them before hauling your ass home to open your new clothing/highly anticipated chicken stir fry.

But, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, I’m not talking about those relationships. Those are easy. They don’t cause us to lay awake at night, obsessively going over every interaction you’ve had that past week, or questioning if they’re mad at you because they didn’t add a smiley face to the end of that text or if that girl in those tagged Facebook photos is really  just a friend of a friend. Yeah, we’ve all been there. It fucking sucks. We have all of this technology that’s supposed to help us feel “connected” and here we are, hiding behind screens too petrified to just march over and ask “what the hell is going on between us?!” 

It’s a strange concept, and one I’ve found myself pondering over quite often. I’m lucky enough now to be in a relationship where everything is completely transparent – we know how we feel about each other and what the other one wants, and that we make each other happy. Hell, sometimes I still pinch myself over how good I’ve got it. But it wasn’t always this way.

For a good 8 months, I was one of those people in limbo. I used to look for signs in everything – a text, a conversation, a look, a touch, a gesture. Anything that could potentially shine a bit of light as to how the heck he felt towards me.

Now, I’m not trying to group boys together here, but I do have a little bit of sympathy for them. The majority of the ones I know were raised by fathers who taught them not to be weak, and as helpful a trait as that may be, it also means that it makes it that much fucking harder for us girls to get a meaningful or personal answer out of them. Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I heard “I don’t know” I would be living in a trendy warehouse loft in Brooklyn by now. I can’t complain too much, because with a lot of prodding and patience we managed to talk things out, but boy was it exhausting.

I hate to be the one who pulls this card, but movies and books do NOT help you in these circumstances. All the good YA books most definitely are fiction, because things don’t happen like they do in those novels! My god, I wish they did. The genre should be changed to ‘Never Happening To You’ because that’s kind of how I felt reading them during that period of my life. Don’t get me wrong, they are dreamy and romantic and whimsical and oh so cool, but c’mon! They’re helping set our expectations stupidly high and putting a little voice in our heads that reminds us at every possible moment how our lover/partner could be being more romantic/spontaneous at that moment.

I’m not even going to get started on rom-com’s. It’s my own fault for liking them. I know what I’m getting myself into. And yet, I watch them over and over again, gaping at how sweet they are and chiding my inner voice that maybe there are people out there who still act like that. But there’s clearly none in Cairns.

I’m not writing this post to say that I’m unhappy – quite the opposite in fact. I’m scarily happy with James, but it took a long time for us to get to this point. And that long time involved a lot of texting and phone calls and scheduling around work rosters and late night conversations that finally led to me asking if we could just properly be together already. Lucky for me, the answer was yes. But I know for a lot of people it isn’t. And that’s what breaks my heart the most. When we go through all of this bullshit and chasing and deciphering and interpreting and crying and lying on the floor, not knowing how to handle these situations in this technology-shielded world. That although, yes, we are infinitely blessed with our lives and the access we have, but at the same time, how is has created a pixelated void that fate and chance meetings used to once fill.

As a girl in her 20’s, I am terrified of dating in this world; which again, only makes me that much more grateful that I reunited with someone instead of having to start all over again. I know it can be fun and exciting and interesting, but it’s also incredibly exhausting too. Especially when you think everything is going well and you have a really good connection and then you finally find the courage to ask “what are we doing?” or the real big one: “are we in a relationship?” and it turns out that you’re just not the right girl for them or they’re not looking for anything serious at the moment. Ugh. 

As usual, this post strayed from it’s original concept, but that’s just how the brain works, I suppose. It’s actually pretty fascinating how six words have sparked such a deep and opinionated piece from myself, but I stand by what I’ve written nonetheless. 

What brought all this on was initially wondering “how do we define a romantic relationship between two people? Like, what actually takes it from being ‘just a thing’ to a full blown relationship? Is it a question, or a verbal agreement, or an unspoken understanding that you are together and that’s that? Is there some sort of checklist we can tick off to ensure that a possible relationship meets the offical criteria?” Well, the short answer is: no, of course not, silly. But it’s a nice idea.

Something I have learnt pretty quickly over the last 9 months is that every relationship is different. Sounds cliched and completely obvious, I know, but it really is something we overlook when we start comparing milestones and behaviours. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of seeing a friend being really happy with their partner and subconsciously noting how your relationship sizes up to theirs. I’m sorry, but no matter how cute their situation may be – yours is never going to be the same. It’s just biologically impossible. We are all individual human beings, with unique thoughts and feelings and reactions, so how can we expect that any two relationships will be exactly the same? 

Once I stopped comparing I realised how much easier it was to be grateful for what I have, and stop worrying about what I didn’t have yet. The best thing I’ve learnt from being with James is to have faith and to have patience, and yes, they have absolutely paid off. 

So I guess if you take anything from this long and extremely rambly post, take that: have faith, and have patience, and if you don’t think it’s worth it, take a break and cut communication for a while. After a couple of weeks you’ll either start missing them like crazy or feel content with your choice.


Sending you good vibes in this crazy age,

Viv  x

Why I’d Choose Living With My Brother Over A Share House – Every Freakin’ Time

I know what you’re thinking: “yeah right dude, there’s no way in HELL I’d live with my brother again after 15+ years of being under each others’ toes!” Or maybe you and your brother have a fantastic relationship and have actually achieved that elusive ‘my sibling’s my best friend’ title. In which case, this post isn’t going to be very interesting for you.

But if you’re like the rest of us, and grew up thinking that their brother was annoying/mean/smelly/ignorant/a general pain in the ass, then the initial response to moving back in together after you’ve both left home would generally be something along the lines of “over my dead body!” But hey, hear me out!

When I first properly moved out of home I was a month out from turning 18, and moved in with my gran. I’m the eldest kid in our tribe, and my family was actually moving at the time, so it was either stay or move for my gap year. I naively chose to stay.

Fast forward a year later: I was moving to Brisbane for uni and knew no one there, so a share house was the only way I was going to afford rent. Because I was searching for share houses through, each room was classified as a private rent space (i.e. the inspections were solely based on the property, not who else was living there). Looking back, I definitely wish I found a room privately; either through Gumtree or flyers at the uni, so that way I could’ve met my housemates and saw if we gelled BEFORE signing a 6 month lease.

Long story short: in that 6 months 2 out of the 4 housemates were absolutely crazy. One was kicked out by the real estate and the other left because she was an asshole and didn’t like us calling her out on it. Oh, what a dramatic time.

I then moved back home to live with my boyfriend and his parents (DO NOT EVER DO IT. EVER) and after that whole shit fight ended I had a brief stint back at my parents’ before getting a unit with my younger brother, Ethan.

We’ve been living together for 1 year and 9 months, and neither of us has been seriously injured, or, uh, murdered. So that in itself is a major win! We definitely had a rocky start, and Ethan took a while to adjust to the whole ‘adult housemate’ role he was now in so soon after finishing school.

Granted, I’m rarely home on my days off and our rosters often put us on opposite working days, but that’s a good thing. We both pitch in when it comes to washing and housework (although since Ethan cleans for fun he often gets to it a lot quicker than I do), buy our own groceries and split the bills down the middle. And it works.

Of course, every sibling-to-sibling dynamic is going to be different, but it’s soooooooo good not having to walk on eggshells in my own house. If something’s pissed us off, we tell each other. And yes, we still fight, because we are related and that’s generally what happens after a while, but it’s not ‘holy shit, I need to move out of this house’ huge, more like ‘such and such is being an asshole and I wish Kylie or Dad was here to tell them to shut up’ level.

So yeah, if you can choose, definitely choose to live with your sibling/family over some sketchy share house where you’ve never met the other tenants. Obviously not everyone has bad share house experiences; hell, some people even end up with great friends out of it, but right now, it’s not for me. Especially because I am super into interior decoration and design and art, and would probably cry if someone strolled in and asked me to take all of my beautiful prints down (“over my dead body” would be an appropriate response here). But that’s just me 😛

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly strange, opinionated piece and it’s at least made you consider the sibling-share option when it comes to renting in the big, bad world.


Till next time,

Viv x

The Everyday Gal’s Beauty Faves

Because nobody wants oily skin or an empty bank account. 


Disclaimer: I am in no frigging way a beauty expert. I actually know sweet f-all when it comes to contouring and winged liner and the importance of having one foundation for when you’re tanned and another for when you’re not. But, I do quite enjoy having clear skin, without having to break the bank to do so.

So alas, here are some beauty hacks that you’ve probably already seen all over Youtube, but these are the things that I live by and that generally keep my skin in pretty good shape (until I go on a junk food bender and then all bets are off). Also, NOTE: Some of the stuff might not work as well for you as it does for me, but it’s cheap and easy to find in your local grocery store/pharmacy/online so you might as well give it a crack if you’re looking for something new to try or freshen up your beauty routine.



This section is going to have a couple more because well, your face gets a lot of attention. I could do a whole post on make up alone (and yes, I am one of those people who have purchased their entire makeup ‘kit’ from Priceline and Target – no regrets either, that shit is good!) so I’ve tried to focus on the products that I use to keep my skin happy (on a budget).

  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – I’m not sure if anyone HASN’T heard of this magical concoction yet, but if you haven’t, or if you’ve seen it at Coles and looked at it all skeptically, then do yourself a favour and go grab a bottle – stat! I don’t exactly know how, but the creators use some kind of leaves from an enchanted elm tree and muddle them up to extract this special water (not on the packaging, but could be true) that somehow manages to remove even the TOUGHEST of waterproof mascaras. A bottle of this fab potion will set you back about 12 bucks, and lasts me MONTHS. Granted, I only use it on my eyes, but you seriously only need the tiniest bit on a make up pad and you’re good to go. Panda eyes are officially out of business!


  • Cosmetics Plus face wipes – pretty self-explanatory, but I thought I’d give em a mention because you can buy 3 packs for $5 and that alone is just a miracle! They also sell mini packets to shove in your handbag (super handy for spontaneous swims or sleepovers) which is just so practical and organised and I love it because I am neither of those things when it actually counts. Unfortunately, you can only get them in store, but you can find reasonably-priced face wipes just about anywhere now, which is grand because if you buy make up then you need to buy these too. Simple as that.


  • St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub – I am actually obsessed with this face scrub. I’ve been using it every night religiously for about 2 years, and it still continues to do the job amazingly. I think this bad boy is around $14 from Coles, and I kind of cringe whenever I have to buy a new one because I am a stingy bitch, but again it lasts you a good 3-4 months (maybe even longer, I’m totally just guessing here) and the ingredients are all nature and it reduces redness, which gets a big tick in my book. Because skin is unpredictable and likes to keep us on our toes, whenever I notice mine going a little dry I use the Invigorating Apricot Scrub as a bit of a face mask. This gives it an extra kick of moisture and it honestly feels smoother the second you’ve washed it off. Winner!


  • Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion – another little gem that I discovered in the beauty section of my local Woolworths a couple of years ago. I get it for around $8, and you literally only need a blob the size of your pinky fingernail to moisturise your whole face. I like Aveeno as a brand because they use natural ingredients, with oatmeal being one of their regulars, and I dunno, there’s just something nice about knowing that you’re NOT putting something filled with absolute crap on your face every night. This particular style is designed for whole body use, but I mainly just use it on my face each night after a shower so again, a tube lasts FOREVZ. BUT, because I wear glasses, the bridge of my nose can get oily pretty easily, so especially during summer I tend to only moisturise that area every few nights, because I’m sure the sweat is keeping it nice and fresh (ick – haha).




I’m pretty slack when it comes to overall body-skin (is that a term? Ugh, idk) love. I should pay more attention, but I’m lazy and think that it’s an accomplishment if I remember to moisturise my legs after I shave; so here’s a couple of products that I love when I actually use them (haha).

  • Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion – As the name suggests, it’s a moisturiser that sets leaving you glowy and looking like you just spent a day at the beach. I love it because it’s not too thick, and if you use it regularly then it doesn’t leave those awkward dark patches on you knees and ankles. I personally use the ‘Fair to Medium’ shade (only on my legs) for the first 2 nights after I’ve shaved, then I get a nice glow going until it’s time to shave again. Be warned, it can stain, so if you’re worried about your white sheets then I’d suggest chucking the aircon and some track pants on. Because it’s better to be safe and bronze-like than bronze-like and having to soak your frigging sheets again.


  • Frank Body Scrub – If you have insta then you’ve probably seen SOMEONE post a weird, half-naked selfie with coffee all over their body. Well, don’t be too alarmed, because they were probably using Frank, and their skin probably felt ridiculously frigging good afterwards. Starting from $14.95 a packet, this delicious coffee scrub is great because you only need a small handful to cover your whole body and you feel so darn hydrated and smooth afterwards. I don’t use it anywhere NEAR as much as I should, but just check out #thefrankeffect and you’ll see how many people love it.




  • Hello Hair Hydrating Mask – full of yummy smelling oils, this treatment has saved my hair’s butt (? Hm, let’s run with it) on a number of occasions. Because my hair is short now, I can usually get about 6-8 uses out of one packet, but it really just depends on how dry/ratty your hair is feeling as to how much you put in. I like to leave it in mine for at least half an hour before shampooing and conditioning it out, but some gals prefer to leave it for a few hours or even overnight. Again, it’s totally up to you and what you think YOUR hair needs. It’s an absolute must if you bleach your hair, or spend copious amounts of time in the sea and/or chlorine. Each 100g packet costs between $15 and $18 (depending on what type you get) and are sold exclusively online (and also ship to you super darn fast, which is always a plus in my books).


  • V05 ‘Smoothly Does It’ Frizz Free Creme – Clocking in at around $7, this cream is does exactly what it says it does. It helps reduce frizziness, which is makes it an absolute essential for me at this time of year, as well as keeping my hair hydrated (I think haha). You can pretty much get it from any major supermarket or chemist, and I’ve found it to be a really nice dupe for some of the more expensive-brand name products.


  • Delorenzo Instant Restructurant – I was only introduced to this baby a few months ago (August maybe?) but ever since getting it I have been religiously spraying it in my hair after every wash, as well as chucking it in my bag every time I go for a swim in the ocean, freshwater or chlorine. I think I paid about $25 for the bottle, but it is well worth the initial gasp of “$25 on something that isn’t clothes, shoes or food!” as after washing my hair 3 times a week I still have about a 5th of it left. I should probably explain what it actually does, right? Well it’s a leave in treatment that smells amazing and has a tonne of benefits, and I have actually noticed a big difference in my hair since using it. An absolute must if you get bleach in your hair, or if you want your head to smell delicious and feel fab.



Still reading? Well congrats on making it this far, and I hope you enjoyed reading my rambling on all of my essential beauty/ish products. I’ve only recommended things that I actually use, and use regularly, and (unfortunately) this post is not sponsored and there are no freebies coming my way despite writing such rave reviews.

Until next week,


Viv   x




Festival 101: The Rookie Handbook

In honour of festival season in Australia (honestly, I’m not sure if it ever actually stops. There always seems to be SOMETHING happening. And I love it. My back account however, does NOT), I thought I’d share some of my shifty advice for all of this year’s newbies.

I’ve been going to music festivals yearly since 2011 when I was 16, with my first being Groovin the Moo in Townsville. In my opinion, Groovin is the perfect-sized festival, especially in Townsville (which I have travelled to 4 times now for that beloved long weekend in May) as the Murray Sports Complex isn’t as big as some of the other venues and therefore has a much more relaxed vibe. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always going to be dickheads no matter WHERE you go, but it’s all about making the most of that sweet 12 hours and remembering why you’re there (hopefully for the music! haha).

Since I’ve have to travel to every festival I’ve been to so far (and by travel I mean either get on a plane or drive 4 hours+) I thought it would be handy to chuck in a few travel and planning tips as well. I know everyone’s different, but personally, I like to have all of the details organised as early as possible, so when the weekend arrives I can literally just pack my bags and go!

After much deliberation (a.k.a. 10 minutes in between editing a playlist on my phone) I have decided that the easiest way to break down things is to go step-by-step. Obviously you don’t have to do it in any particular order, but this method is just what’s worked for me in the past and I have always managed to make it to the festival jusssssstttt in time 😉 (who am I kidding, I’m usually embarrassingly early for these things?! With the exception of missing Circa Waves at Splendour this year 😦 but I blame the retarded bus system for that one. They did NOT have my back that day).

WARNING: I feel like this may be a long one, but it’s better to just have it all in one place rather than me attempting to split it into two witty posts. Enjoy 🙂


Step 1: The Crew

My Girl Gang @ Groovin 2015

So, the dates have just been released for a killer festival and you a) are actually able to afford it and b) have heard early enough to get shit organised without having to take all the last minute expensive options. But before you can go ahead and book anything, you need to work out who you’re going with.

As dramatic as it is to say, the people you go with to a festival really can make or break the day. If you’re going just to have a laugh with your mates then who to take is gonna be a pretty easy decision (the fun ones – duh!) but if you’re like me and run around all day chasing bands then you’re going to want to sieve through that friends list a little more.

Ideally, the perfect festival companion is someone who wants to see the same artists as you, or even if they don’t – are willing to tag along as good, NON-SULKING company (trust me, I’ve had the latter, and it’s the freaking WORST mood-killer). They’ll want to be there to have a good time and won’t ditch you half way through for someone else (don’t even bother trying to call them, even if you have 5 bars, because chances are it won’t ring through :/ ).

I’ve been to festivals with nearly all of my friends at one stage or another, and the vibe definitely differentiates depending on the chemistry of the group. There’s no secret formula or quiz to find out “who your perfect festival squad is”, and sometimes the people you hardly know end up being your best pal by the end of the day.

Going solo is also an option (I’ve done Soundwave alone) but I would definitely recommend seeing if anyone else wants to go, even if you do your own thing throughout the day and share a hotel room. Saving $$$ is NEVER a bad thing.


Step 2: Budget

Image via The Guardian

[I’ve made this Step 2 because if you’re going with a group, or even just one other person, your costs are going to be cut. You can split the room, the fuel, the taxi fee… Going with someone else is just cheaper. Usually.]

This may be the control freak in me speaking (it’s certainly not the adult), but the first thing to do when planning ANY trip is work out how much it’s approximately going to cost you, and when you’re going to have to pay for it all.

Ticket prices are usually released pretty early on, so you can start saving for those as soon as you decide you’re actually going with, but it’s things like accomodation, transport and spending money that you’re going to have to work out yourself. The main reason that I plan my festival trips so early is so that I have as much time as possible to save up for them and get everything booked and paid for. I’m also terrible at saving money unless I have a reason to, so working out what I’m going to pay for and when makes it easier to set goals and tick them off.

In terms of actual spending money for the trip – well that entirely depends on what you’re doing. Are you going there JUST for the festival? Or are you going to be going to town as well, or shopping or doing touristy things? No, not all of those things have to be organised in advance, but it’s a good idea to have some money set aside in case the gang decides to hit up Dreamworld the day after.


Step 3: Accomodation

Image via Pic Host

Once you’ve determined how many people are coming with you and who’s staying with who, you need to jump on Google and start scoping out accomodation. A lot of the time, hotels raise their rates when they know a big festival is happening in the area, so it’s best to get in early before all of the cheap ones are snagged up.

This year, as soon as the Splendour DATES were released, accomodation rates in Byron sky-rocketed, and even AirBnB hosts had raised their prices for the week. Which is totally understandable, but if you’re like me and only use the room to upend your suitcase and sleep, then the less you have to spend the better. My brother and I ended up booking our Byron accomodation (through AirBnB, which I chat a little about in this post) back in March right after the dates were released, despite not knowing the line up or if our holidays had been approved (a risky move that thankfully paid off), and boy am I glad I did.

Although AirBnB makes you pay upfront, websites like have a lot of ‘pay when you arrive’ options (and cancellation options) so it’s not such a giant stress to book your accomodation early.


Step 4: Tickets


Pretty self-explanatory. By now, the lineup has been released and your absolutely frothing and nervous as fuck for that first initial ticket drop. Do yourself a favour and find out if there are any presales available because they are actually a lifesaver and are less of a phone-clog than trying to buy tickets during the general sale.

Depending on the line up and the festival itself, you may not need to worry about getting the tickets STRAIGHT away, but I am a compulsive stress head when it comes to these things and I just know that the ONE TIME I delay buying my tickets they will sell out. It hasn’t happened before, but I’m way too petrified to test my luck. So yes, get your tickets early kids – just in case.


Step 5: Flights

Image source unknown

This step may not be necessary for everyone (and if you live in a capital city then you are one darn lucky person, because you wouldn’t have to pay for accomodation either. Or really have any need for this post haha), and can be done before purchasing your tickets depending on what airline sales are on and when.

Since  what dates you will be there are already organised with your accomodation, you just have to find the cheapest and most convenient flights. A lot of people don’t bother about paying for checked in luggage, and I wish I could pack anything under 7 kilos, but I just don’t have that talent – so make sure you take the extra baggage prices (usually between $20 and $30 these days) into consideration when you’re comparing the cheapest flights.

I’m old school and like to surf all of the websites and write down the flight times and prices manually, (Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar, Student Flights) but I recently had a go at Webjet and that seems to be a good option when you don’t have a lot of time/patience and just want to see all of your options at once. Whatever site you go through, just make sure you have a copy of your itinerary in your email or saved in your phone (and if you’re really paranoid, print it out and write the times on your calendar in the kitchen. Yep, even with all of that I’ve mixed up flight times, so it pays to be prepared) that you can access any time throughout the trip.


Step 6: Packing

Image via Animal Jam Wiki

I actually loath packing for festivals. Don’t get me wrong, I love trolling all of the online shops and picking out the perfect outfit, but actually packing all of my clothes leading up to leaving absolutely SUCKS.

I usually do two main rounds of packing. Round 1 is throwing everything I know I’m going to wear, plus what I might like to wear into my suitcase then leaving it open in the lounge room for a couple of days so I can look at it as I walk past and contemplate my choices (haha, sad but true). Then usually the night before I go I sort though everything that’s in there and plan out outfits for each day/night, as well as one spare and a backup for town (because as a girl, I am genetically programmed to change my mind at the last minute).

Try to pack light on the toiletries (although don’t sacrifice your straightener for the sake of having a ‘lighter bag’ – you will seriously regret it later!) and I wouldn’t pack any more than 3 pairs of shoes (including the ones that you wear on the plane/drive/etc.). Honestly, it all just depends on how long you’re there for and what you’ll be doing. I’m not going to mum out on you all and give you a lecture on how many pairs of socks you need to bring. But again, three is always a good number.


Step 7: Those Other Tedious Details

stationery kikkik sentence a day22
Image via Shop Style Conquer Blog

Like: how are you getting to the airport? Or – who is driving and in what car? What time are you going to leave, keeping in mind crappy peak hour traffic? Do you need to check the bus or train times? Who’s checking into the hotel? Have you organised someone to feed the cat/dog/guinea pig/fish while you’re away?

And the even lamer things like: do I have any bills/rent due while I’m away? Have I got money put aside for that stupid car insurance that ALWAYS seems to come out at the worst possible times?

I think you get the picture with that one. And as much as you want to have a rad, spontaneous time, it really pays to tie up all of those loose ends before you go, even if you’re just away for the weekend. I usually have the worst sleep before going away because I have 110 things running through my mind and I’m worrying about stupid things like locking my house keys inside and forgetting my ID – even though I never take it out of my wallet.

Writing out a checklist a few days before is the best way to ease this tension so you can visually see that yes, everything has been organised and put into your handbag and you may actually be able to sleep.


Step 8: Have fun!

Pre-Sticky Fingers, Groovin 2015. Good vibes all round!

As silly as that sounds, remember WHY you went through all of this hassle in the first place. Whether it be because your favourite band is playing, it’s your first festival or you’re just going to have a rad time with your mates – try not to let the mundaneness of the planning get in the way of having a great day/weekend/whatever. Trust me, when you’re boogying in the sun with a beverage in hand, this will all be worth it. Just try not to get too drunk and forget that you saw Hermitude.


Sending happiness, postive vibes and good times,






Hi guys!

I just want to start off by apologising for my recent hiatus from the blogging world. Life has well and truly kicked me in the ass these past couple of weeks, and it’s finally safe to say that things are settled (for now – haha).
So what the hell have I been doing? you may ask. Well, it’s unfortunately not remarkable or exciting. There were no road trips, no summer flings, not even a single beach day. Just good, old fashioned uni assignments and assisting my parents in moving house.
Now, we worked it out that at the age of 20, I have lived in 15 different houses. Which means I’ve had to pack my shit completely 15 bloody times (some were easier than others) and relocate and begin a new routine. I’m definitely not complaining, but I like to think that this makes me somewhat of a removals expert.
Man was I wrong!
I’ve never fully participated in an entire house move, and exhausting is a nice way to describe it. I was also bonkers enough to sign up to do a vacate clean on our old place for some extra cash, and the money basically kept me alive in those 8-10 gruelling hours of sweating my guts out.
I sound like a total whinger right now, but I’m not trying to be. We did what had to be done, in a very short time frame.
So now we are all settled in at our new temporary abode (a giant shed until my brother & I move out/my parents build the new house) which involves living out of a suitcase (again) and not having any wifi or reception inside the erm, shed (rural living is tough you know!). So even when I’ve wanted to blog, I just haven’t been able to – on the laptop at least. I’m currently using the WordPress app so I’m praying to the Internet gods that this saves/uploads.
In other news, I finally started at my new job (at Spotlight – any Aussies should know what it is. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s a giant store with homewares, Manchester, craft supplies, interior decor and a shitload of fabric. I love it. All the employees drink tea. I have found my home) and fingers crossed my brother and I get the unit we applied for. Then it’s time for adult living – round 2.
I know this post is probably insanely boring to most, but I have been doing a lot of reading lately (4 books in 2 weeks – despite the move) and I’m starting to feel like my old, chatty/writer self. I’m feeling inspired again and I love it. Taking this year to be by myself is the best decision I ever made (among some others hah).
So I’ll end this post with a strong recommendation to read “All The Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven because it’s beautiful and witty and sad and realistic and heartwarming all at the same time. It was one of those lovely novels that truly makes you appreciate the little things.
Enjoy the rest of your week! Hopefully I’ll be posting again soon with some more relative content.

Vivienne xo

BEAUTY REVIEW: Chi Chi Dramatic Lip Lacquer

Chi Chi Dramatic Lip Lacquer

Hi Guys!

I thought I would spice things up with a beauty review. Now I’m new to this kind of stuff, so don’t judge! Just trust that I am giving you my honest and genuine opinion 🙂

So recently I was given a Myer gift card and couldn’t help but gravitate towards the bright Chi Chi display in the store. The brand is currently having a 25% off sale at Myer, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to test out some of their lip products.

I’m a big fan of their eyeshadow palettes, but have always been a bit hesitant about purchasing any of their glosses/lipsticks/lacquers without testing the colours out with my skin tone first (trust me, trying to find a decent nude lippy has been my biggest beauty struggle so far!). BUT, I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of their matte lipsticks (very similar to the Lime Crime Velvetines, but they come in a bigger tube – bonus!) and the creaminess of their ‘Dramatic Lip Lacquers’ (kind of a shiny cross between a gloss and a lipstick).

I purchased 3 of their matte lipsticks and one lacquer, in the colour ‘Blonde Ambition’. I was a little darling with this colour, as I tend to avoid anything too bright or orange-based, but as soon as I swatched it I couldn’t help but fall in love. It’s the perfect combination of bright/summery, and it added just the right amount of shine to my outfit.

The consistency is great, and it’s creamy enough to glide onto your lips but easy enough to remove if I made any mistakes. One thing in particular that I loved was the application brush. When I first looked at it, I thought “how in hell am I meant to manoeuvre my arm to work this thing?!” but as soon as I got the hang of it I found it really comfortable to use. Some other bonuses is that the lipstick contains Vitamin E for moisturising, is Paraben Free and isn’t tested on animals.

I couldn’t recommend this lipstick more and I hope this review was somewhat informative. And now for the best part, pictures!

Hope you liked it!

Love, Vivienne








Reflections and Resolutions – A Fresh Start

Hi All!

Welcome to The Everyday Gal’s Blog, a great escape in the making.

I’m not going to lie – I haven’t done any blogging, let alone writing, in a really long time. I guess you could say that life had swept me away for the last two years, but I finally am feeling grounded and focused enough to dedicate some time to my passions.

So, 2014. How would I describe it? Exhausting. Long. A lot of moving around. Although I’ve still got another 2 moves coming ahead (helping my parents move house, then moving into my own place) it feels like things are gradually starting to sort themselves out. The Christmas holidays came exactly when I needed them to this year. Just prior to them, I had ended a 2 and a half year relationship, moved out of the place I was living in (a.k.a. my boyfriend’s) and brought a new car. The month of December could’ve gone a lot differently for me if I had decided to stay, but damn am I glad I left.

I am now looking towards a new beginning in the literal term – a new city, new job (hopefully I find one soon!) and new friends. For the first time in my life, I am also completely 100% sure on what I want to do with my career, which is something that I’m sure my family is VERY relieved about.

Throughout school, I wanted to be a fashion designer, photographer, music journalist, novelist, typographer, councillor, psychologist, teacher…. The list goes on and on AND ON. I guess I’ve been so all over the shop because I’ve been searching for my passion. I am a firm believer in never having to work for a day when you’re doing something that you love. Unfortunately, I’m only 19 (20 tomorrow – eek!) and am yet to have that luxury. But I’m getting there, I promise.

Even though I am currently doing my teaching degree, Interior Design is the main goal. I’ve always loved homewares, making colour schemes and generally picking out decorations for the house (not to mention the copious hours on Sims 2 making mansions. Don’t judge – we’ve all been there!) but never realised that you could actually make a career out of that. I know, I’ve been living under a rock   for the past 19 years. Blame my hometown, it’s basically a rock; an isolated, hot, red rock. Yuck!

Anyway, now that I have finally figured out what the heck I want to do with myself for the next 70 odd years (I’m being optimistic here – I really need to start doing yoga for that to happen) I can actually build some foundations and start networking. I’m not too sure if there actually are many interior designers in the Cairns region (that’s in Queensland, Australia for all the lovely folks that don’t know) but if you are in the field and by some miracle happen to read this, please contact me! It’s always been so rare for me to find friends who actually have similar interests, so any help or inspiration is genuinely welcomed.

Now, about the blog… I made this website as a space where I can post my inspirations, have general babbles, and hopefully connect with some like-minded people. I still wouldn’t say that I have any actual “theme” yet, but I expect it to be a combination of interiors, homewares, fashion, all things boho and beach related, and maybe even some health tips.

I realise that it will take a while to build up followers, but if anyone has any ideas on what they would like to see or even if they just want a chat, feel free to speak up. One of my resolutions for the new year is to be more open to meeting new people, so I better stay true to my word!

So, for those of you who have actually reached this stage of the post, here are my resolutions, or goals, as I like to call them (it makes them seem more official to me, haha).

In 2015, I want to:

  • Go to Bali – at least once!
  • Concentrate on my studies
  • Make changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle
  • Use ‘Frank’ coffee scrub once a week
  • Do yoga regularly
  • Look after myself, and don’t be afraid to put me first
  • Save for my interior design course and TEFL course in Bali
  • Spend more wisely
  • use more organic/natural products
  • Write more
  • Schedule plenty of ‘me’ time
  • Finish my crochet blanket
  • Go on more adventures and bush walks
  • Less procrastinating!
  • Get back into photography
  • Start building an interior design network

Well lovelies, that’s all from me for the rest of the year! (Ha, sooo many people must be using that joke today). I hope you all have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and start the new year off fabu