Let’s Talk About Meditation + My Journey So Far

Aloha friends,

Sorry it’s been a while – uni has started up again and despite my good intentions (and often thinking I am “so” much more organised this semester) the content on this site has been sparse. And it’s not for lack of ideas either – I have a whole lists of posts I intend to create but just have to get my slack ass around to them. Which kind of leads me back on topic…

Meditation. Let’s chat!

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard SOMETHING about this mystical brain hack, but if you haven’t started practising it yourself then there’s probably a lot more that you need to know.

I was first introduced to meditation a few of years ago whilst following Wellness Coach, Melissa Ambrosini online. Mel released her first series of guided meditations (which are still available on iTunes btw) and being in the total limbo that I was I decided to give them a whirl. With having no background knowledge on meditation or what it was supposed to do, I lay down on my lounge room floor and tried to become immersed (I wish I could remember which one, but I simply can’t). 

Mel’s voice was dreamy, but I was lying down and I was getting sleepy, and the track kept mentioning about being grounded and all I could think was that I wasn’t very grounded because I was on the top level of a two story house, and how on earth could this possibly change my life after 9 minutes?!

Needless to say, that was my first and only attempt at meditation lying down.

Fast forward to 2016, and meditation was popping up more and more on my instagram feed. Everyone from magazines to bloggers to celebrities to the everyday gals we all follow but have never met in real life were talking about it. Whether it was spoken of genuinely or  discarded as simply being too hard, it was always in my head. It got me curious to say the least, but how the hell could I learn it and how was it going to benefit me?

In bounced Rochelle Fox; digital entrepreneur, Youtuber, influencer, and now meditation teacher in training. 

As the months went by I followed Rochelle’s journey as she furiously studied to get her meditation teacher qualification, which was soon followed by the opening of her latest venture, Mindspo. An understandable, easy to digest, 4 week online course that was going to get me meditating for 20 minutes daily. 

The benefits of regular meditation go far and wide but the ones I was keen to tackle were: sleep consistency, anxiety, energy levels and productivity, being more mindful and generally being a lot less stressed and a lot more chill. I knew I wasn’t going to notice the difference after a quick 5 minute meditation, but I had high hopes. I’ve seen so many testimonies from people who swear by it, and genuinely say it has changed their lives for the better, so aside from a cheap $90 I really had nothing to lose.

I started Mindspo’s month-long course in December, wanting to end the year on a high, but also being realistic in the fact that I was probably going to miss a session here or there (which may not be the best mindset for some, but I wanted to be realistic considering it was Christmas/Birthday week for me). The course is broken into 4 weeks, and each week you increase the time you spend meditating (i.e. W1 – 5 min, W2 – 10 min, W3 – 15min, W4 – 20min) in your daily practise. The step-up technique was something I really liked, as it was only adding an extra 5 minutes onto what you already felt comfortable doing, so it didn’t feel as much of a big deal as jumping straight into a 20 minute session.

Ideally, by the end of the 4 weeks you will have mastered meditating for 20 minutes every day. Rochelle was a really great teacher in the way that she was totally realistic about newbies, and didn’t expect us to be able to shut off our thoughts immediately. Seeing how passionate she is about teaching meditation made me believe that it was worth it, and although sitting thoughtlessly for 10, 15 minutes is actually way freaking harder than it sounds, I know it’s making a difference. 

I’m not going to sugarcoat it here and say I am the pinnacle of students and deserve 100 gold stars, because I still suck with my consistency. I am yet to turn my meditation into a solid habit, and although I have good intentions, some days I genuinely just run out of “free time” or more recently, by the end of the day I’d rather just sleep.

But please don’t let my laziness put you off! Despite my inconsistency, I’ve still noticed pretty huge differences.

I find myself being a lot more mindful and grateful with everyday life, particularly when it comes to appreciating other people. My sleeping patterns have improved a lot, and although I still have nights where i simply CANNOT get to sleep, they are rare. My anxiety has nearly disappeared. I’ve never been a serious sufferer, but have been one to let ideas or thoughts consume me and result in panic attacks in the past. Since meditating, I haven’t had a panic attack (so far), so yay for that! 

I prefer to meditate in the mornings after breakfast and a cup of tea, and after I do I definitely feel more energised for the day. Being more energised usually results in me being more productive (I meditated this morning so maybe that’s why you’re reading this finally-produced blog post!) and being productive makes me feel happy and accomplished.  

On the flip side, my mind still lingers on negative thoughts. Not nearly for as long as before, but still too long for my liking. I’m constantly torn between thinking “I’m allowed to have feelings and be pissed, goddammit!” and “I wish this crappy thing wasn’t getting to me as much”, but it would be nice to have my brain chill out a bit more and just not let it get to me in the first place.

The verdict? Yes, oh my god yes you need to learn meditation. I probably did a really bad job of explaining all the benefits, and since my experience wasn’t exactly textbook perfect, there’s a heap more info here on the Mindspo site, including a free 5 minute meditation to see if Rochelle’s voice is your jam. 

It’s definitely a hard practice to learn, especially since our brains are on constant overdrive and never seem to shut up – but that’s exactly why we all need some meditation in our days. It really does help bring things into perspective, and even if you are crap at it, well at least you’ve made 20 minutes to do something for yourself, and surely that counts right?


All the best,

Viv   x


Lush Cosmetics Product Review

Aloha friends!

It has been approximately 5 months since I began my Lush journey, transferring over from crappy all talk, no action drugstore skincare products to pots of goodness that are not only a lot better for the environment, but eons better for my skin. I thought that since I’ve been using a bunch of their products for a few months that it was time to give a good old fashioned review, and to chat to you all about how they have withstood everyday/weekly use and the dreaded summer weather.

Living up in Cairns means I am limited as to what I can get my hands on (the online store doesn’t stock the fresh face masks or any of the in-store exclusive products), but I’ve got 8 or so that I’ve tried so far with good/mixed results. Not being the richest of gals, I’ve always leant towards skincare from not-so-reliable Coles, and after reading lots of informing articles from Zoe Foster-Blake, skincare queen, it has well and truly been drilled into my head that it all comes down to quality over quantity, and sometimes you’ve gotta be prepared to spend to get lasting results. That being said, Lush is more than affordable, and considering how long each pot lasts for, the cost-per-use really comes down to nothing in the end.

If you have a Lush store near you, I’d definitely recommend checking it out, if for nothing but the amazing bath bombs (because who doesn’t want to be glittery and smell like a goddess when they step out of the tub?) and to have a chat to the girls and guys that work there. I thought that working in a department store meant I had a lot of product knowledge, but these staff are phenomenal. You can seriously ask them about any skincare problem you have and they will not only work out exactly what your skin needs, but show you a bunch of yummy smelling options that work a treat.

So without further ado, here are my honest opinions about these delicious products, and I hope it encourages you to shop consciously and only put real, fresh ingredients on your skin.


Herbalism Fresh Cleanser 


I’ve spoken about this guy before and my opinion still hasn’t changed. I am totally and completely in love with this face cleanser. It took me 21 years to find the one so someone please smack me over the head if I ever decide I need a change. I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin’s never looked to good. Even before I introduced weekly face masks and a new moisturiser, Herbalism had sucked all the bad shit out of my skin and left it feeling clean and almost oil free. I use it every night in the shower religiously and can immediately tell the difference if I haven’t. Not gonna lie, the smell takes a little to get used to at first- it has a pretty intense rosemary/sage scent – but after a week or so you barely notice it anymore. I bought my first 100g pot back in August, and finished it around the start of January, so basically it was the best $17.50 I ever spent.


Don’t Look At Me Face Mask


This was the first face mask I tried from Lush, and also the first one in general that didn’t make my skin whimper in protest before the recommended 10 minutes was up. As soon as you put it on, you realise that the name speaks for itself, or in other words – you look a little weird. But it’s cooling on the skin and makes it feel like a dream afterwards, so looking like a Smurf in front of your boyfriend is 100% worth it. I can’t remember exactly how much the 60g pot cost, but as it was a fresh mask it was only in date for a few weeks. So definitely nice as a treat, or a bit more practical if you’re sharing with a partner and using it every few days, but I struggled to finish it even after it expired. I still adored it though, and wish it wasn’t only available in-store because it would be perfect in this heat right now.


Mask of Magnamity Face & Body Mask


The slightly duller, maturer older sibling of Don’t Look At Me, and by that I mean, this guy is double the size (125g) for around the same price, and lasts over 3 months longer. I must say that I prefer DLAM’s fresh, citrus scent over the peppermint/honey/something else scent of MOM, but I still enjoy them both. MOM has a thicker formula, but in terms of results I think they both work just as well as each other. When I asked the girls at Lush they said both would do the same things to my skin, and it really came down to what was going to be more practical for me not living near a store. Hence why MOM eventually won.


Enzymion Moisturiser


I never thought I’d be a girl who actually enjoyed the feeling of moisturiser on her face, especially one with combination skin living in Far North Queensland; but here I am, enjoying the heck out of it. Enzymion is the first moisturiser I’ve used that a) actually feels like it’s working, b) doesn’t feel thick/greasy whilst it dries, and c) doesn’t leave my skin feeling  even more oily afterwards. I never thought I’d see the day, but I have and I’m so relieved. That being said, I’m still a little lazy when it comes to moisturising, especially during summer, but I am really happy with how it has improved my skin, and it feels freaking divine when you pop it in the fridge before use.


Intergalactic Bath Bomb


This guy arrived just in time for Christmas, so on Christmas night I let my little brother drop it in the tub and we both stood there in awe at how pretty it was. Also at how deep blue it turned the water! It was my first time using a Lush bath bomb, and I was pretty darn happy with the results. Not only did I soak in a pool of glitter, but the peppermint and grapefruit oils made it smell oh so heavenly. Since I don’t have a tub of my own, bath bombs are a very occasional treat, and that’s probably a good thing because $9 for a single use would add up pretty quickly. Nevertheless, it got me hooked, and I can’t wait to go back to Brisbane to pick up some new ones.


Whoosh Bath Jelly


Another one of my recent purchases, Whoosh was a product I couldn’t quite wrap my head around, so of course I had to give it a go. I’ve been wanting to swap over all of my skincare/toiletries to all natural products for a while now, so my shower gel was next in line. I’m in love with the smell – it’s become clear whilst writing this post that I am majorly addicted to products with grapefruit and lemon juice – and it really does wake you up. The only downside is that it’s a little hard to use. On my first attempt I didn’t use a loofa, and as a result most of the jelly slipped onto the shower floor before it reached my body. Use tip: Grab small clumps and rub them into the loofa, rinse under shower to create a foam, THEN use. You’re welcome. [EDIT: I just saw a video on the website that has the user scoop out the entire blob of jelly and use it like a bar of soap. Seems kinda tedious, but I guess you could give that a go to].


D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap


Out of all of my Lush purchases, this is the one I enjoy the least. Don’t get me wrong, it smells great, very Strawberry Shortcake, but it’s not exactly razor-friendly. I feel like it takes me about 3 times longer to shave my legs in between having to rinse the product off the razor (which is a lot) and doubling back to make sure that the area was actually shaved. For $9.95 you get 75g, which after a month is still around 2/3 full, but unfortunately isn’t a product I’d purchase again. I just saw that they have 3 other shaving cream options on their site, so I might give them a whirl and report back.


Popcorn Lip Scrub


Actually the best, although I don’t use it anywhere near as much as I should. It’s caramel flavoured and super sweet, so it’s not to everyone’s taste, but you can’t deny that this scrub works. My lips instantly feel moisturised and soft, and the packaging says you can eat it, so really what more can a girl ask for? I also just realised that it’s good for 10 months, which is a really good lifespan compared to some of the other products.


If you’ve made it this far, then thank you. I hope this (possibly too) detailed post has helped make some decisions or even just inspired you to start being conscious when you shop for your cosmetics.


Till next time,

Viv  x

Sex and the City: The Modern Gal’s Bible

It’s quite strange that I consider myself to be a gal that “grew up with Sex and the City”, because technically, I didn’t. I was 3 years old when the show first hit the airwaves in 1998, and was only in Grade 4 when it wrapped up. I had no exposure whatsoever to it during its glory years, until at least 2010 when I watched the 2 movies with one of my friends. Neither of us had any idea why it was such a Big deal (pun intended) when Big left Carrie at the alter, or knew what Samantha and Smith had gone through together and how much she’d changed for him.

Fast forward to a year later when I had moved out of home to live with my Aunty and Uncle (who are still some of the coolest people I know, and were incredibly brave taking in a 16 year old girl when they already had a toddler to battle with) and I had discovered some late night reruns of the show on Channel 11.

Being in the middle of quite a big life change (going to a new school for the first time in 10 years, moving away from home, experiencing boys and drinking for the first time – all the good stuff hahaha) I was drawn to these 4 New York City gals who were navigating through various life issues and relationships, all whilst drinking Cosmopolitans and looking fab.


From the outside, the show seems like its just about sex and men and fashion and glamorous parties. But when you actually watch it from start to finish, you realise there’s a helluva lotta good lessons thrown in there.

Sure, Carrie can be a little ridiculous at times, and Miranda is a bit too harsh, and Samantha has no filter (which is what we love her for) and Charlotte can be way too uptight, but the fact that these women are so flawed is what makes them such great characters.

I’m not saying that they are the perfect roles model for teenage girls (because let’s face it, they’re in their 30s and the show has skipped over all of the hard work they’ve done to get to where they are ‘now’), but the power of their friendship alone is definitely something to look up to.

Instead of competing or dragging each other down, these women are empowering each other and congratulating one another for their achievements, and giving advice and support even when they do not necessarily agree with certain decisions their friends make (*cough* Carrie sleeping with a married Big).


However it’s not all Louboutins and cocktails; there are plenty of fights between the girls, and horrible break ups and periods of feeling flat or lost, which only makes it that much better.  Because of course there’s going to be shit things that happen, and what I love about SATC is that shows how these very different women handle and overcome such problems in their own unique ways.

And yes, there is plenty of sex thrown in, which was a little confronting to see when I first watched it, being completely innocent and relatively clueless about the big wide world. But honestly, being exposed to all of that stuff was probably a good thing. Because sex ed classes don’t cover any of that shit, and the show puts out a really strong message for women to be empowered when it comes to sex, and not to be ashamed of themselves and what they like – which is, hello, very important. 


So even though I’ve only been watching the show religiously for the past three years, I still see it as a valuable source of life advice, a hangover cure and a reminder to not make the same sartorial mistakes as Carrie made. Man, I love that girl, but she wore some ridiculous outfits.

Obviously, I wouldn’t really recommend it to any girl younger than 14/15 (because you don’t really need to be learning about some of the content when you’re younger than that), but I think SATC can be really quite useful for girls when learning to love themselves, the importance of strong female friendships, and picking yourself up and starting over again. And that BOYS AREN’T EVERYTHING, even if the gang seem to get a little too focused on that sometimes.

I know some of the older generations really despise this show, but I think that’s just them being grumpy and reading too much into it. Yes, the characters aren’t perfect, and will annoy you at times with their frivolous decisions or endless pining over guys who are simply not that great, but I still love it to bits and will always consider it one of my favourite TV shows.

So next time you’re at a slump on what to watch next, or simply need to be whisked into another world (because the 90’s was another world in comparison to now), then grab some chips and dip, or your favourite ice-cream and lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of NYC through 4 crazy gals’ eyes.


Till next time,

Viv   x

The Byron Files

Hey guys,

So as promised, here is the first instalment of my travel diaries. I was incredibly lucky to have some kick ass holidays whilst I was living at home, but this trip was my first major solo exhibition going somewhere out of Queensland (which is kind of a big deal, OK?). Despite going with my brother, it was the first time I had to organise everything from start to finish for a major trip. So aside from chatting about where we ate, stayed and shopped, I’ll also be doing a mini itinerary for the week we were actually in Byron plus photos – yay! (Splendour is getting its own post, don’t worry guys). So I hope you enjoy, and feel free to sling me some suggestions on where else to check out next timeI venture to the land of the laidback-and-tanned dreamers.

Day 1: Wednesday

So, after a very early start (3am in fact) and a very looonnnng day of travelling, we finally cruised into Byron Bay at around 3pm. After checking into our room at our cute little AirBnB pad (I’ll leave the link below), Ethan and I did a superman change and practically flew back to the town centre to catch the shops before they closed for the day.

Obviously, the first stop was to the motherland: Spell and the Gypsy Collective. Visiting that store was right up there on my Byron bucket list, and it is every bit as beautiful as the pictures make it out to be (and some!). After Spell, we did a mad dash to suss out others stores such as Drift Lab (another bucket list item), Arnhem, Liberated Heart, Afends, Black Sheep annnnd a few more. As it was two days until Splendour, I wanted to see what was available before doing a more thorough shop in the morning. Plus, I was still searching for a perfect-length skirt, so you can see why I was ducking in and out of stores like a mad woman.

Anyway, we had a very early dinner (say 5pm – it was dark though!) at Guzman Y Gomez, a really groovy Mexican chain restaurant/takeaway, which was ridiculously delicious and cheap (tick and tick). It was the first time either of us had tried it, and I’m sorry to say, but it kicks Zambrero’s butt a few times over. I am also absolutely obsessed with their fit-out and interior decorations. The wall tiles alone are just a dream. If you ever go, the grilled chicken nachos are a must.

Pretty sure I fell asleep by 7pm that night, so no exciting shenanigans to report there!

IMG_4911 IMG_4912

Day 2: Thursday

After a solid 13 hours sleep, I was up and ready for a day of eating, shopping and exploring the town. Byron has been one of those places that I’ve endlessly stalked on instagram, and in my opinion, is the creative hub of Australia. So many amazing talents and brands come out of Byron, and I can easily see why. It’s hard to explain, but it’s almost like there’s inspiration in the air there.

But back to the food. We got into town around 8am, and Fishheads was calling our name. I daringly ordered an English breakfast tea, a fresh OJ and the big breakfast, which was quite literally, bigger than my head. I only conquered about half the plate, but it was super delicious, reasonably priced, and definitely my favourite breakfast of the week. Note: no split bills.

After a lovely stroll along Main Beach (we actually had the beach to ourselves, it was so peaceful and beautiful!) we got serious and hit the shops for Round 2. I’m not going to list every store I went to, because we literally went into all of them, but here are some of the ones I actually purchased stuff from:

  • Mary Janes Bookstore
  • Miss Brown Vintage (stall at Splendour)
  • Spell and the Gypsy Collective
  • Drift Lab
  • Byron Surf Shop
  • About A Girl
  • Golden Breed
  • Byron Bay Gems
  • Byron Bay Candle Company
  • Ghanda

For a late lunch, we hit up Byron Fresh, a cafe who pride themselves in using fresh, local and organic produce and making their meals as delicious and ‘real’ as possible. I was still stuffed from brekky, so I had a modest bowl of their classic potato chips with homemade aoili. Tick from me. Ethan went a tad more fancier with the Haloumi roll, which was again, yummy, but he took it out of the wrapped packaging (bad decision) and made quite the mess. Again, no split bills.

After a quick grocery run we did the “long” walk home with armfuls of goodies and marginally deflated bank accounts. Our room had Austar, so we binge-watched Judge Geordie and unpacked all of our purchases before layering up and heading back into town for an ‘early’ dinner again. We thought that everything would still be relatively quiet at 6:30pm, but with the majority of the Splendour crowd having arrived there wasn’t a quiet restaurant in sight. So off to The Great Northern Hotel we went. It was packed to the max, but we got a table inside and the chicken parmy with chips was exactly what I needed after a big day of shopping. My feet were already protesting and the festival hadn’t even began yet!

Fishheads Best cup of tea! Biggest breakfast of my life Main Beach IMG_4978 IMG_4990 Beautiful door on Shirley St IMG_5006 IMG_5008 Hunter Boots from Drift Lab

Day 3: Friday

After a super nutritious breakfast of tea and Coco Pops, we began our Splendour adventure bright and early, arriving at the festival at around 10am and not getting home until 2am the following morning. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll save those details for another post, but one thing that I just HAVE to talk about is the corn and lemonade stall at Splendour. Divine! Best BBQ’d corn I’ve ever tasted, and their freshly squeezed lemonade was only $3.50 a cup, super refreshing and a much faster alternative to lining up for a cider (even though I did my fair share of that over the weekend). I basically taste-tested my way through the hot chip and Mexican stalls, and was definitely not disappointed. (More Splendour pics to come in another post!)

Day 1 Outfit Iamu flash tattoos Splendour

Day 4: Saturday

We aimed to leave by 11am, but had a few quick errands to run beforehand (i.e. Ethan needed a parka jacket and I needed a backpack with supportive straps – cheers Surf Dive N Ski Byron, you did me well), so despite already having eaten, I couldn’t help say no to a $5 breakfast roll from one of the local coffee shops (I’ll investigate to find out their name because I seriously recommend going there. Great food, great coffee and super cheery staff). Again, I slugged it at Splendour until around 12am the next morning, so no further shopping was done that day (unless buying rad as vintage Wrangler overalls counts. Love ya, Miss Brown Vintage).

IMG_5090  Day 2 Splendour

Day 5: Sunday 

Because there wasn’t a lot of acts on that we knew, we didn’t head to the festival until around 2pm, so we had brunch at The Eatery on Jonson. One word: yum! I got the $9.90 breakfast roll (do you see a trend happening here?) and it was possibly the best brekky roll I’ve ever eaten. It was so fresh and different to what I usually eat, and I could’ve easily gone for a second, and third, if I didn’t have to move for the rest of the day. Even though we finished our Splendour endeavour at around 7pm that night, we scored a feed at the festival before we left (no idea what we ate) and I left the grounds with a backpack full of vintage one-offs and festival merchandise. Happy days & sore feet resulted in yet another movie night and a big sleep before our last full day of exploring in Byron.

IMG_5140 IMG_5150

Day 6: Monday

Wanting to make the most of our last proper day in town, we got up early and headed for round 2 at Byron Fresh. There was still a lot of tourists hanging around, so the breakfast crowd was buzzing and the heaters were on full blast. I had the “Big B” ($25), and Ethan.. I don’t remember haha (possibly the Haloumi roll again?). I was obviously very focused on trying to get through the giant plate of food in front of me. It wasn’t as good as the Fishheads big brekky, but was still tasty and gave me plenty of energy for the day.

As the Cape Byron Lighthouse was another bucket list item (we thought it was the lighthouse from ‘Round the Twist’ – apparently a common mistake) we decided to rent out bicycles and ride up there. Pretty sure we hired them from Byron Bay Surf and Bike Hire for only $10 each, which I was extremely impressed about. Then came the cherry on top of the cake: my bike was one of those cool vintage-style ones in white with a basket on the front. I was in heaven! And the whole no helmets thing was definitely a major plus – for once I could cruise around and not have my hair looking like it was attacked by bats!

We rode our bikes along the picturesque path to The Pass, where we were greeted by some phenomenal views and cheeky dolphins putting on a show. Unsure of how to continue with our bikes, we locked them up in the carpark and continued the venture on foot. It was a perfect day for it: sunny, but cool with a light breeze. I was definitely glad a wore a t-shirt and short overalls, because boy did I work up a sweat climbing all of those stairs!

On the way up, we stopped at all of the beaches and took a at least a thousand photos of the views. When checking out the Most Easterly Point of Australia lookout, we saw a couple of whales jumping out of the water, which was pretty damn special. From there, we powered up to the lighthouse, found a fireplace that looked exactly like the Weasley’s from Harry Potter (and made a dorky little video pretending I was using Floo Powder to get to Diagon Alley – as if I couldn’t!) and got lemonade and ice-cream while we enjoyed the view.

Heading back down, we stopped at the actual Most Easterly Point of Australia (I think – it was very confusing) and I was absolutely blown away. I’ve never seen water like that in my life, the colours literally taking my breath away. Ethan wanted to keep going, but I couldn’t help but plonk myself on the grass and watch the waves crash against the rocks. If I could build a little shack there, I seriously would. I’ve never felt so content in my life. I’ve never meditated before, but I feel as if that would be the perfect place to practice it. Oh, Byron.

After our big adventure, we went home to relax and start packing before heading back out for our final feast at Guzman Y Gomez because we were both indecisive and didn’t feel like waiting for anything to cook. After having one last sit at the beach, watching the lighthouse guide sailors home, we commenced the final walk home for the trip.

IMG_5213 IMG_5214 IMG_5217 IMG_5222 IMG_5229 IMG_5244 IMG_5249 IMG_5254 The Pass IMG_5289 IMG_5301 IMG_5316 IMG_5325 Most Easterly Point in Australia Cape Byron Lighthouse IMG_5353 IMG_5357 IMG_5409 IMG_5449 IMG_5460 IMG_5499

Day 7: Tuesday

So we may have bought a lot more than we realised, because not only were our suitcases full, but so were our backpacks, totes and a second backpack. I’ll just let you imagine how fun that walk into town was.

We had our final breakfast at Cafe Byron, a restaurant I had been eyeing off the whole trip. Unfortunately, I think they were having a bad day, because the meals took ages and half the things Ethan tried to order were unavailable. I went with something different and ordered the vegetarian breakfast, which was a good choice. It was my first time trying haloumi and I was pleasantly surprised and finally understood what all the hype was about. Overall, we couldn’t really complain, because our bellies were full and we had a place to sit all of our luggage until we caught the bus back to Brisbane, another city that has a special place in my heart.

So, that’s the end of our trip! I know this post was massive, but I wanted to give you guys a thorough idea of what we got up to and the places we ate, because I for one love reading about other peoples’ holidays, and I will probably regularly go back and read this post just to remember how much of a fab time I had.

Honourable mentions go out to the Byron Bay Juice Bar, which we stopped at almost daily for our fruit fix; Byron Bay Night Owl, for meeting Ethan’s hot chocolate needs; and to all of the rad buskers we saw over the weekend sitting out the front of NAB. Byron is a seriously magical little community, and despite having crammed so many things into our week, there’s still a shitload more I want to see. Here’s to heading back next year, hopefully this time with a car, and a little more prepared for the mud.

Over and out,


Other info:

Bus company: Brisbane 2 Byron Express Bus

AirBnB room: ***CENTRAL BYRON (ROOM), Byron Bay