My Summer Reading List

Hello friends!

Now that I’m finally on study break I suddenly have all of this time on my hands…and a big stack of unread books to go with it.

One of my resolutions (that I started when I wrote them down, instead of waiting until January and most-likely losing interest in the meantime) was to read for at least 20 minutes a day, which isn’t much to some people (and not usually much to me) but when you’re working and studying with a pretty hectic schedule, it can be hard to cram in. So now it’s my “summer” break and I’m caught up on all of my TV shows, so there are no excuses as to why I can’t do some (a lot of) reading. 

In light of this, and having a literal stack of books sitting on my bedside table, I decided to share with you all my “summer reading list”, which was put together completely randomly and consists of books I’ve been buying over the past year or so that have gone unread. The genres I usually go for are Young Adult, Mystery, Crime, Thriller with a bit of Sci-Fi and Fantasy thrown in here and there. I hope this inspires you to get reading over the Christmas break (you’ll usually find me curled  up with a book on Christmas afternoon after a giant roast lunch), even if it’s just a catch up with your favourite magazine (something I also desperately need to do!).




Just finished this one yesterday and I absolutely loved it! I can’t imagine anyone who won’t swoon over Henry or relate to Rachel or wish they lived at Howling Books themselves. 



I started this one back in September but it regretfully got put aside due to my lack of enthusiasm for reading after a long day of well, reading for my course. Picked it up again tonight and finished the second half off as quickly as I could. A really great read that transported me back to Australia in the 1990s and makes me wish even more that I had more of a childhood during that era. 



I’ve already read most of this series, so I can confirm that this is a great book and one of my favourite book series EVER. Which is why I’m re-reading it, obviously.



The 3rd book in the Firebird series and I am SO FLIPPING EXCITED to read this one. I’ll also stop making these little comments now because the rest I honestly bought because I like the authors/they had interesting blurbs :p















Coming to the pile soon (thank you James!)


I’m sure I will unintentionally (intentionally) add to this for, well, forEVER, but hopefully I can get through a decent chuck of these – if not them all – by the time uni starts again in February. 


Happy reading!

Viv  x



*Cover image by Lorenzo Basile Photography


Updates & Make Overs

Hey guys,

So for any of you who follow this thing regularly, welcome to new and improved Death Star!

No, totally kidding. I’ve just changed the theme, and added a couple of pages, and I’m not gonna lie, feeling preeettty motivated and excited about this thing. I think I’m just over envying the countless amount of bloggers that I follow on instagram; because a) envying other peoples’ lives is not a healthy hobby, and b) I keep wanting to write, and to write on here, so I might as well take advantage of this inspiration while it lasts!

Now for the fun part: finding the time to plan, research and then produce content! I still haven’t decided on a niche or style for this blog, as in whether it’s going to be purely fashion or purely writing or blah, blah, blah. I kind of want it to be all over the shop, because it not only represents the wide variety of things that I like, but then it will have a little bit of everything for the readers (you guys) too! But overall, I’m thinking some photography, fashion posts, product reviews, artist of the weeks, travel stuff, gig reviews, collaborations, interviews, and lists (Top 5 Parmy’s In … is looking to become a regular, just warning ya). It’s basically a projection of all the cool things I enjoy, that hopefully you guys will enjoy too. And the best part of it is, I’m going to be totally honest in regards to what things cost, was it worth it, etc. Because there’s nothing worse than reading about something really groovy online, but not being able to find the price of it anywhere!

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now. I guess the main thing I can do now is actually live up to all the ideas I’ve put out there. I’m not gonna lie, concentrating on my maths assignment tomorrow is going to be extremely difficult now my creative brain is buzzing.

Speak soon!


An Artistic Idea

So, despite having a completely full schedule at the moment, I can’t help but daydream about all the cool artistic projects I could be doing instead. I will be the first one to admit that I am not really a painter, sculptor or anything else that you would typically think of when you see the word ‘artist’. I prefer to express my ideas through words and photography, but I’ve even been pretty slack with those lately.

I’ve had a pretty cool idea in my head for a while that I’ve wanted to put out there, but I was also afraid of the concept getting copied before I’d even begun the project. But no need to worry about that, because a quick google search of the phrase led me to half a dozen tumblr pages that were projecting my brilliant idea out into the cyber world.

In hindsight, I probably should’ve looked it up a few months ago when I had the lightbulb moment whilst half asleep in bed, but I was so proud of actually coming up with a cool concept that could really go somewhere. My exhibition/project was called ‘Letters I Never Sent’. You’re probably reading this thinking, duh Vivienne, how could you have NOT seen that site already? Well I didn’t, until a couple of days ago, but I still think it’s a fantastic idea.

The details are pretty simple; a collection of letters with the sender and receiver names labelled anonymous, displayed in a gallery for all to read. I don’t know about any of you, but I have PLENTY of letters that I’ve written whilst in an emotional state (but never sent to the person I was writing to), because sometimes just letting it all out on paper is really the best – and safest – way to handle a situation. I was hoping to collaborate with a diverse range of people and after this dream exhibition start it up as a cool website or facebook page like Humans of New York.

So yeah, the idea might sound cheesy to some, but it could also be a space where some really beautiful writers could publish their work and for everyday people to express themselves in a way where they aren’t exposed or have to deal with the consequences of sending said letter.

Plus, there is a sort of old-worldly charm about reading handwritten letters. They seem so intimate and thoughtful in an age where most thoughts are sent via text or email and everyone is just a phone call away. Do I need to find myself a pen pal again? Absolutely! I actually have an old friend in mind who I used to pen pal with back in middle school. We only went to school together for a year, but remained close after she left so we used to write the most extravagant letters to each other (which I have safely kept in a memorabilia box for all these years) and it was fabulous. I might actually (cue eye rolls) send an EMAIL to her now and see if she wants to pick it up again 🙂

So there, I’m secretly a word-a-colic. I am forever fascinated by how humans can create such beautiful pieces of literature literally out of nowhere. By putting our thoughts on a page, we are constantly creating new things that others may never have read before, and that alone excites the hell out of me.

Anyhow, if anyone is reading this and likes the idea of starting up a page specifically for letters that we’ve never sent, please let me know. And aside from that, I bid thee goodnight.

Till next time,