Faves & Finds #7

It has been quite a while since I last did a Faves & Finds post, and because of it, I have a giant collection of things for you to feast your eyes and ears on!



So flicking through my previous favourites posts, I realised how absolutely terrible I’ve been with showing you my reading list. I usually read a book every couple of weeks, so I definitely need to up my game in this regard. Anywho, here’s a bunch of beautiful books I’ve read recently.





Minimalism: A Documentary

The True Cost

What the Health


Freaks and Geeks

American Crime Story: The People Vs. OJ Simpson




I feel like I’m slowly getting back into my music groove. I’m discovering new artists again, going to more gigs than ever before, and deeply consumed with my record hunting expeditions. I’ve become really fond of listening to albums front to back. I’ve come to despise the shuffle button, and feel weird when I hear certain songs out of order – it’s messing up the story, don’t you know?

All weirdness aside – if you haven’t listened to the records below then I seriously suggest you do! Each is a little different from the last, but they all make me so happy and are definitely apart of the soundtrack to my life.


After seeing Catfish back in July I became OBSESSED with their first album, The Balcony. I feel like such an idiot for not falling in love with it sooner, because it is an album of GOLD. I bought it the day after the show and haven’t looked back.


Oh. My. Goodness. I didn’t think Gang of Youths could get any more dreamy, but hey – they’ve officially gone above and beyond my wildest dreams. Their new album, Go Farther in Lightness is a beautiful mix of sing-alongs, road trip anthems and haunting instrumental pieces. They also did a killer cover on their Like A Version, of The Middle East’s Blood, which was PHENOMENAL. Do yourself a favour and chuck it on repeat – I just can’t get over how happy they are in the clip! Awh!


I finally got my hands on the soundtrack to one of my favourite TV shows – and boy is it a good one. Aside from the theme song, which is several kinds of amazing, the score is even cooler played out of context. I put it on one night whilst studying and it’s surprisingly relaxing to listen to, all whilst being 100% badass at the same time.


So I literally just discovered these Brisbane boys yesterday when they did Like A Version on Triple J – hello, new favourite band! Not only did they smash their cover of New Radicals’ You Get What You Give, but seeing their original Is It Love made me SO HAPPY. They look so excited and pumped to be there, and the fact that they were having fun made me have fun. I can’t wait to be able to head to one of their gigs with a couple of pals and have a good old-fashioned boogie. Getting their debut album, Tremelow, on vinyl is at the top of my wishlist!



Let’s Hear it Live!

I’ve been lucky enough to have a pretty music-heavy past few months – something that I LOVE. My favourite thing to do is seeing a brilliant band live, with a good friend in tow and some glitter on my face. The last few gigs I went to were marvellous! I always get a tad worried before seeing an act I love for the first time – what if they’re shit, what if the vibe is yuck, etc. etc. – because I have such high expectations and a full heart of love. Luckily, the music always trumps the worry and I leave the venue with the biggest smile on my face and weak at the knees. If you haven’t seen any of these bands live, I highly recommend getting your paws on some tickets and be prepared to sing your little lungs out!

July – Catfish and the Bottlemen

August – Trophy Eyes with stellar support acts Trash Boat + The Heart Aches

September – The Getaway Plan


Other Goodies

Donating to homeless shelters – It’s no secret that I love a good spring clean. I find it SO therapeutic being able to rehome things we no longer use. I used to primarily donate such things to op shops, but after seeing how overpriced some of them can be, coupled with how much landfill clothing donations can create, I decided to start giving them to people in genuine need. We recently donated a whole heap of old blankets, pillows, jumpers and bags to our local homeless hub, and it is SUCH a lovely feeling knowing that the items that once sat in my cupboard gathering dust will now be put to good use.

Repotting plants I don’t know why, but I get this weird satisfaction out of repotting my plants. I find it so fun being able to go to a nursery, pick out some cute plant friends and then buy cute pots for them to live in. I recently repotted a bunch of my succulents with the “help” of my 1-year-old brother, and despite Soren nearly squishing them it was a nice little bonding exercise. And very bloody messy.

Hanging up frames – Again, there’s a weird ‘tick it off the list’ burst of satisfaction that comes with finally framing and hanging up a print. I am SO lazy when it comes to this, mainly because I have a love-hate relationship with where we live and I don’t want to keep decorating in case we move, but I also hate empty walls just a tad more. I’ve found a nice little hack for hanging frames with Command hooks – buy frames with plastic instead of glass and they are way less likely to fall off and hit you on the head in the middle of the night.

Journalling whilst on holidays – As you may have read, I recently jumped back into holiday journalling whilst in Melbourne. I was pretty shit at it, but it sparked my love of mindlessly writing whilst in another city. On my most recent trip to Brisbane, I had a lot of free time and spent the bulk of it cafe hopping, reading and journaling. I always get a good dose of inspiration when I’m away, so I’m now determined to keep a notebook and pen on me at all times to continue to musings.


Faves & Finds #6

Hello again friends 🙂

After last week’s serious, but nonetheless important piece I thought I’d lighten things up with another round of favourites and finds. It’s been a pretty hectic last few weeks/months for me, as Groovin came and went and James just moved down into our flat (home decorating has never been so fun), so these picks reflect what’s been happening, in a sideways kind of way.


Music: The Smith Street Band


So I’ve known about these beautiful lads for a few years now, having seen them once at Splendour and heard bits and pieces through friends. However, with their album release and their upcoming appearance at Groovin back in May I decided to listen to all their albums and get downloading – and boy was I not disappointed. Will’s lyrics seriously speak to my soul, and it will never cease to amaze me how perfectly he just gets things. There are songs about lovers, songs about depression, songs about the good shit and everything in between; all of which could easily be the soundtrack to my life. Give them a listen if you’re not already smitten – you won’t regret it. 


TV Shows


Criminal Minds – After FINALLY getting James to watch some episodes with me I have well and truly got him hooked. And like any couple whose shows don’t kick off until mid-year, we decided to watch from the beginning. Of the whole show. And yes, there are 12 SEASONS, each with 20 or so episodes, and we are embarrassingly. already halfway through season 4. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t watch regular TV. I’ve always been a huge fan of Criminal Minds, and have been fascinated with the work of the B.A.U and used to dream of becoming a criminal profiler as an adult. And then I grew up and realised the full magnitude of what I would actually be signing up for…and decided to stick with graphic design haha. At least this way I get a good excuse to stare at the adorable Matthew Gray Gubler.



Girl Boss – After reading a lot of mixed reviews (i.e. most people not enjoying it) I decided to give Girl Boss, a Netflix original show inspired by the origin story of Nasty Gal, a whirl.   Call me crazy, but I loved it. Sophia was a little insane, but totally, unapologetically herself and went after what she wanted, and that’s something I really admire in a gal. Plus, the styling was heavenly and the soundtrack was fab, so there really wasn’t much I could complain about. There’s also a scene with Sophia and her boyfriend towards the end of the season that was probably one of the most realistic and best couple-related scenes I’ve ever watched on television. It was so raw and realistic and shook you to the bone. I personally liked much of an asshole Sophia was, because it gets a little boring always having the main character as someone who can do no wrong.




Almost Adulting by Arden Rose – This is one that I kept finding myself drawn to over and over again. The cover art is right up my alley and the blurb inside well and truly spoke to my inner almost-adult. Arden is a beautiful writer, and I loved how it was advice mixed in with her personal experiences, making it feel a whole lot more authentic and relatable.


Fashion: Nine Lives Bazaar


This one is a pretty recent love, but I thought I better include it anyway because I am SMITTEN. Holy heck, I don’t know what I’ve been doing for the past 22 years without this label in my life. An ode to all things retro and vintage, NLB is a colourful array of funky cuts, groovy prints and dreamy nostalgia. I just got my pair of Hendrix flares (pictures) in the mail today, and as someone who has forever been afraid of flares (short + curvy legs = constantly afraid of pants) I am CONVERTED. The magic of the print aside, they fit super snugly and make me feel like a total 70’s babe. Plus, they are Australian, so it would be rude not to support such a rad company. 

Revamping My Flat


Now that I get to wake up to my cute boyfriend everyday I also get to wake up to all of my lovely belongings and household items. I’ve had a serious drought in the decorating department lately because I was certain we would be moving into a different place and would have to rip everything off the walls anyway – wrong! We are planning to stay in my place for another 6 months, which has given me the perfect opportunity to revamp the living room and make some purchases I’ve been hesitant to.

Firstly, I bought this oh-so comfy armchair from work, which not only fits in my lounge room perfectly but is an excellent reading chair. I was prepared to spend $500-$600 for a good armchair but managed to snag this guy for $150, so it’s happy days. I’ve also added some more furniture to the lounge, which has somehow made the space appear bigger. We bought another basic bookshelf for mine and James’ ever-growing collection, as well as a cute a-frame display shelf that holds our puzzles, board games, record player and other cute knick-knacks that didn’t have a proper home before. It’s made me one very happy gal.



This is something I’ve started to do fairly recently and I’m really enjoying it. I write down my manifestations during a new and full moon (apparently this is the best time to do so as it will be more powerful) and work to think about and visualise these things as often as I can. It’s kind of hard to explain but Cartia Mallan has a really good youtube video on it, and for information about the new and full moon I go to Home of the Heart on Facebook. Julia is super informative and has turned me from a sceptic into someone who constantly checks in to see what the moon and planets are up to and how this is affecting us. James laughs at me constantly when I start to get all woo-woo and explaining why its a good time to start this or that, but I love it and see no harm in letting the universe guide us.


I think that just about covers it. This post is a lot shorter than my usual favourites, but like I said, it’s been hella busy and I’ve been pouring most of my creativity into what I’m supposed to cook for dinner, haha.


Till next time,

Viv   xo

Faves And Finds #5

Hey friends,

Let me start by giving you a welcome warning that this post is big. After having a  a quick flick through the old archives (and I mean that literally – I went through all of the old ones) I realised that in the 2+ years that I’ve been running this blog I’ve only hit publish on four favourites posts. Yes, that’s pathetic, I know. I suppose it’s due to a lack of buying/discovering new things all that often, plus I am super fussy when it comes to TV shows/clothes/trying new things on a menu that also serves my favourite meal. 

I’ve tried to keep it as short and brief as possible, and as usual it’s a totally random range of things that I could come up with in the last 15 minutes that I have been loving in the last 6 months, so I’m expecting to forget a few. The music playlist is a particularly long one, but boy are there some gems in there! I’m considering making a playlist on Spotify for all the music I mention in these posts, so let me know if that’s something that you’re interested in seeing 🙂

Until then, let’s jump right into it. 



Homemade Thai Green Chicken Curry – I found a bloody amazing recipe here and have been making it every couple of weeks for James & I. Such a tasty, flavoursome dish and one that will be perfect in the upcoming winter months. 

Experimental Dinners – These have become quite a ‘thing’ for James & I on those nights when I/we are at the shops and have no frigging idea what to cook for dinner (let’s just say you’ll never catch us applying for Masterchef). The results of these mishmash meals have been quite interesting, but we made a really delicious one last week where we simply steamed then roasted some baby potatoes (seasoned with paprika, garlic powder & S+P), steamed then fried up some broccolini, green beans and mushrooms in some Nuttelex (vegetable butter) and garlic powder. Served with cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Super, super simple, but actually so delicious, reasonably healthy and vegetarian. I’ll definitely be making it again. 

Jamie Oliver Chicken Fillets – So this section makes it look like I eat chicken every flipping day – which I don’t – but it is the main meat I eat so I’ve learnt to have fun with it. In short: these bad boys are amazing. So easy to cook, and filling enough to pair it with some veggies and you’re good to go. James and I usually go for the cajun spiced option and it never disappoints. 

Schnitz – My tastebuds’ wishes were granted with the recent opening of this baby in Cairns. My little slice of Melbourne is exactly as I’d hoped, with the schnitzels being delicious, the chips to die for, and the restaurant fit out oh-so-cool. Find your nearest here

Acai Bowls (still) – In case you missed the last 100 times that I mentioned how much I love acai bowls. I’ve definitely fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to making them at home (the heat doesn’t help either – my bananas brown faster than I can blink at the moment) but they are slowly becoming a regular on the breakfast menu at restaurants, making me one happy gal indeed. My favourite place in Cairns for acai is Little Loco Cafe Kitchen on the Esplanade. Super affordable and yummy. 



I’m not going to go into too much detail about these books as I have an upcoming blog post planned involving some of them, but these are some of the titles I’ve been loving (and living by) these past few months. 

The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin

Better Than Before – Gretchen Rubin

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck – Sarah Knight

Murder House – James Patterson

Words in Deep Blue – Cath Crowley 



True Detective – Why the hell didn’t I watch this sooner? Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are a match made in heaven for this show, and they played their parts perfectly. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you’re a crime fan then this show will totally be up your alley. Just be prepared to binge, because you won’t be able to help it. (P.S. How frigging cool is the cover photo?

Sherlock – Another amazing show that I jumped on board super late with. I really don’t know how I lived happily without Sherlock and John in my life. I’ve never found a show that has fitted my humour so perfectly, all whilst being totally engrossing and thrilling. 10000000/10, watch it immediately. 

Mr. Robot – If you’ve watched all three of these shows then you will see that there’s a slight (albeit unintentional) theme here, but I’m not gonna say how/what because, spoilers. How do I even describe Mr. Robot? Well it’s super cool and badass, and makes you appreciate geeks and the power hackers have in the world. It will also make you hate Evil Corp, question everything and generally just fall in love with Elliot even though he’s a little bizarre. 



Empire Records – How the hell did I live for 21 years without seeing this film? Why didn’t my parents show it to me? Why wasn’t it watched mandatorily at school? After seeing it for the first time it instantly became a cult classic for me, and I don’t often make these judgements, but I’ve seen it twice now, and it’s one of my favourite movies. Everything about it was just rad, the soundtrack is just so flipping cool. If you too were sadly deprived of seeing this, I suggest opening up a new tab and watching it immediately. 

Four Weddings and a Funeral – A total 90’s classic that I remember watching as a very small child, and only recently rewatched properly from start to finish. And my god, did I fall in love. The cast were magnificent, and I couldn’t help but wish I had a group of friends so hilarious and eclectic as the ones Hugh’s snagged in that film. 

Doctor Strange – One of my favourite Marvel movies to date, being everything I could’ve dreamed of and some. I never really knew the origin stories of Doctor Strange, having grown up on X-men and Spiderman this was a really cool take on the Marvelverse. Is number 2 out already? I’m in need. 

Alien (1-4) – Sigourney Weaver is probably the most badass bitch I’ve ever seen, making me fall 100% in love with her and want to name my future child Ripley. Also, let’s just take a minute for the Ripley & Winona combo in Alien: Resurrection. I’m SO bloody excited for the new one to come out this year, but what a shame it doesn’t include any of the originals anymore.



I’ve been super into reading about entrepreneurship and small business start ups lately, and the blogs of these two companies have been absolute godsends. Both Tess (SBD) and Kaylene (SUC) are both girl bosses who went against the grain and started their own businesses solo and in their 20’s, and as a result have a world of practical knowledge and advice to offer. Plus, their instagrams are super cute, and when I’ve got the cash I’ll probably be hitting them up respectively for a new website design and some business coaching. 

StartUp Creative 

Smack Bang Designs



I’ve been loving a LOT of different stuff these last few months. I haven’t quite reached my goal of listening to a new album every week, but I think I’m doing okay. Here are a few from my playlist:

Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Video Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles

The Empire Records Soundtrack 

Birthdays – The Smith Street Band

East London Summer – The Smith Street Band

Ducks Fly Together – The Smith Street Band

Trust – Flume ft. Isabella Manfredi

What Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out? – Gang Of Youths

Last Nite – The Strokes

Someday – The Strokes

Under the Cover of Darkness – The Strokes

Mr. Brightside – The Killers

Sam’s Town – The Killers

Not In Love – Crystal Castles

Please, Please Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths

My Boo – Flume ft. Vince Staples, Kucka, Ngaiire & Vera Blue

Summer – Paris Jones ft. April Kelly & B.A Scott

World of Our Love – Client Liason

Misery Business – Paramore

Talk – George Maple ft. DJ Snake



Again, this topic is something that I plan to go deeper into in the coming weeks, but I thought I’d sneak it in because it’s been a strong focal point in my life for these past few months. If you read my previous post on meditation then you’ll know it’s a practice I started back in December and aim to make a part of my everyday life. Another act that ties in naturally with mediation is the practice of gratitude, or more simply, actively being grateful for the things in your life. I’m not saying I’ve reached enlightenment (yet) by doing this, but it’s such an easy and enjoyable way to feel better about what you have and truly learn to appreciate those around you. I don’t necessarily sit down and think about what I’m grateful for everyday, but I try to consciously think about it as often as I can, and I feel like a happier, more content person for it. 

I’ve also started researching the practice of manifesting and visualisation, and am very excited to see where they take me. I’ve watched/read about some amazing stories that people have shared about manifestation, so I’m pretty intrigued to see where this can lead. 


Other Bits & Bobs:

Habits Workshops @ Kikki K – This was actually the first workshop I’ve done outside of school, and on my own terms. After reading ‘Better Than Before’ I was super motivated to kick-start some new positive habits and learn how to avoid the bad ones. As soon as I heard that Kikki K do workshops based around the book I jumped straight in and signed up for the first one I could. Don’t get me wrong, I loved reading Gretchen’s book and gained so many useful tips from it, but there’s nothing quite like hearing the knowledge in person. You can sign yourself up for a Habits workshop here (P.S. there’s goodie bags and champagne. What more could you ask for?)

Habits Tracker A6 Book (Kikki K) – Unfortunately this little guy isn’t available online anymore, but all it is is a little notebook with a page full of 66 boxes you can tick off – each box is a day that you completed said habit. Studies have shown that it actually takes 66 days for humans to form and solidify new habits, and despite how simple and small this task is, it 100% works as a motivation tool. Knowing that you’ve got 7 ticks for the week is too satisfying to put into words. 

Pinterest – Ever since starting uni again I have jumped on board the Pinterest train with no regrets. I especially love how our course actually encourages us to look on their and gain inspiration from the content others upload (it’s amazing what you can find with that search bar). I’m enjoying it so much that I’ve actually linked my account on the bottom of this blog, otherwise you can check out what I’m pinning here (hint: it usually involves 90’s movies and plants). 

Arnhem Clothing – I recently mentioned Arnhem in my Festival Outfits post but I had to give them some more love. I currently own three pieces from this oh-so-cool Byron brand,  and to this day I am still very impressed by the quality and detailing of these garments. If I had the cash, my wardrobe would probably be 90% Arnhem, as they stock everything from swimwear to adorable maxi dresses to dreamy basics to to die for lingerie. I highly recommend checking them out, but only if you’re prepared to be lusting over everything

Framing Magazine Pages – This may sound a little random, but I recently went through my old stack of Collective Hub magazines and decided to rip out all of the pictures/articles/artist takeovers that I loved. I was left with quite a big stack of pages, and without any spare cork boards to fill, I decided to buy a cheap A4 box frame from a discount store and stick one of the pages in there. The result is a super cute framed print for my desk, and one that can be easy changed or added to a feature wall. 


Yes, okay, I really better stop now. I guess that’s what happens when you have to lump so many cool things into one little post. Hope you liked it!

Till next time,

Viv  x


September Faves and Finds

Is it socially acceptable for these favourites posts to be posted in the next month? I dunno, but here’s all the cool stuff I’ve been loving/ have discovered in the first month of Spring (ugh).


Beauty: Lush “Enzymion” Face Moisturiser


After getting a tad too sunkissed in Byron on my holiday, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a proper moisturiser that would actually suit my skin type. In walks Enzymion from Lush, whose name I’m still not entirely sure how to pronounce, so instead I just tell people “you NEED to try this Lush moisturiser, it’s amazing!” and shove the container in their face. For a reasonable $34.95 this moisturiser has actually changed my life, and I no longer dread the application of moisturiser after a nightly shower. If you live in such a humid climate as I do, then you’ll understand how most moisturisers just tend to make my skin feel oily, and having a thick layer of cream on your face in this heat is NOT fun. I chatted about all of this and more to one of the girls at Lush Chermside and they recommended what has become the perfect moisturiser for me. And if you didn’t know, moisturising is one of the most important parts of a skincare routine, so it definitely pays to go and do some research and get advice from someone who isn’t on the sales rack at Coles.



September was a month full to the brim of new musical downloads, a killer time at Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Fest (post to come soon!) and a magical night seeing Bring Me The Horizon at Riverstage in Brisbane. Because I was on holidays, music became a constant in my daily life, even more so than it already is. I was listening to it on planes, trains, Ubers, trams, walking, cars… Whatever I was doing, I had my travel mix on shuffle as the perfect soundtrack for my adventures. Some new tunes I was especially loving were:

  • Talk – George Maple & DJ Snake
  • Hourglass – Trophy Eyes
  • Cliff – Lapsley
  • Blood – The Middle East
  • The House That Heaven Built – Japandroids
  • Glad That You’re Gone – The Hard Aches
  • Flux – Bloc Party
  • You – Lastlings
  • Chills – Lastlings
  • Heaven Sent – Trophy Eyes
  • Nightmare – The Amity Affliction
  • Cocoon – Japanese Wallpaper
  • Glasgow – Catfish and the Bottlemen


TV: The Wrong Girl


I am currently in one of those TV ruts where you’ve got 5 of your different shows bringing out new seasons, or you’re still a season behind and you simply don’t know where to begin. To cure my woes, in stumbled “The Wrong Girl”, whose pilot premiered last week and I am already obsessed. I’ve been waiting for months for it to be released, and I was so excited to finally see one of Zoe Foster-Blake’s clever novels bought to life. Even though I am yet to read the book, the show is everything I wanted and more. Funny, witty, quirky, set in the ever-cool city of Melbourne and the main character, Lily, has the cutest wardrobe! It’s currently streaming on tenplay.com.au here so definitely go and give it a watch!



Again, because I was on holiday (not trying to rub it in, I promise!) I managed to finally have some downtime to complete one of my favourite activities: reading. In fact, I read 2.5 books in just over a week, so I think I had a pretty good crack at it.

First up was The Younger Man by Zoe Foster-Blake, which I quickly devoured, because ZFB is a goddess/deserves a Nobel prize when it comes to writing. Her style is so witty and charming and the characters in The Younger Man had such a cool, glamourous-yet realistic vibe. Even though I’m not in the same point in my life as the main character, Abby, (i.e. 30’s, cute apartment, successful business, planning a 6 week holiday to Europe) I found she was completely relatable and I closed the book being completely jealous of how everything worked out for her.

Next was The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Haploid, which I had seen on the bookshelves of virtually every store I walked into. Now, I actually really enjoyed this book but the cover/blurb did kind of put me off a little at first. Not because it looked boring or crappy, but because it seemed like another teen romance over summer and I was simply looking for something a little more unique. But alas, I still bought it and decided to have an open mind about what it might contain. And boy, does that blurb lead you astray! The Square Root Of Summer was actually a really creative, whimsical and relatable story that helps you understand some of the basic laws of physics along the way. Definitely not what I expected, but it just goes to prove – never judge a book by its cover!


Fashion: Sequins and Sailor’s Caps


In case you weren’t already aware – I have a major obsession with glitter. All things glittery, in fact. And this love has now stemmed (naturally) to sequins, particularly the colour changing and matte varieties. Do I actually own anything with sequins on it? Well, no. Not yet, anyway. But hasn’t stopped me from pinning every cute and sparkly outfit that comes up on my feed. And sailor’s caps have been on my radar ever since Splendour last year, and after months of pining I FINALLY got my hands on a Brixton cap back in April…only to wear it a couple of times since. Until my holiday, that is. Turns out it was the perfect disguise for crazy rain hair, and it managed to miraculously tame the fringe and ya know, just make me look 10x cooler along the way.


Hairstyles: My New Fringe


So if you happen to follow me on Instagram then you would’ve seen the new mop of hair that now adorns my forehead. At first I was a little “how the heck do I style this thing?” but after a few weeks together we have slowly created a harmonious styling situation. I have wanted a full front fringe for AGES, but have had some shitty fringe experiences in the past and was unsure about whether or not I would actually be bothered to style and look after it everyday. Still not being completely sure about the latter, I walked into the hairdressers’ and took the leap. Now that it’s grown out a little, and has gotten used to the heat (trust me, my hair is more sensitive and temperamental than a teething baby) we are finally friends! And it even cooperates with my quite bulky framed glasses – result! Plus, if your fringe looks good then it makes the rest of your hair look good (even if you’ve had it in the same ponytail for the last 3 days), so really it’s happy days all round. And on days when everything looks like a mess, I simply tell myself that I’m channeling Joyce from Stranger Things, who was definitely a style influence for this change. So if you’ve been considering getting a fringe but have been scared about how it will look/how hard it will be to maintain – DON’T STRESS, because if I can tame one anyone can 🙂


Interiors: Fairy Lights – EVERYWHERE

Image via Pinterest

I have always been a lover of fairy lights and cute lamps (don’t even get me STARTED on pendant lights – I could gawk at those things all damn day) but ever since watching Stranger Things (yes, I am still obsessed after the second time of watching) and seeing the Byers’ household being haphazardly covered in them, well, I kinda wanted to do the same. But the reality of aesthetics and power bills brought me down to earth, and I’ve settled with pinning/screenshotting a shit load of inspo pictures and adding a 2 pairs to my room. Hot tip: buy some battery operated ones! That way you can stick them anywhere and don’t have to worry about that big ass power bill at the end of the quarter. Hot tip #2: Christmas in retail has officially begun, so the fairy light selection in your local department store will sure to have quadrupled in the last few weeks – so get out there and buy all the cute ones before the adults do.


Design: Palm Print

This is something I honestly thought I’d never get into, but I’ve been momentarily won over. Maybe it’s because I’ve been seeing it EVERYWHERE, or maybe it’s because the recent, fresh takes on the trend are just genuinely REALLY GOOD. Either way, I am one Pin away from decking out my bed in palm print sheets, and maybe some cushions for the couch, or maybe I could completely recover the couch… That probably won’t happen, but it’s definitely a style that I’ve slowly grown to love, and I like despite being a typical summer print, it doesn’t HAVE to be summery. Does that make sense? Ah, who knows.


Till next week friends,

Viv x


Belated August Faves

I know, I know. I’m totally freaking late with this one. So much that I don’t actually remember what all of my August faves were. Oops. In one of the many sleep-deprived moments this morning (I’m writing a few of these at the airport whilst I wait for my 5 ½ hour delay to be over) I managed to rustle up a few of the things I loved last month, that aren’t my everyday faves like turtlenecks and strawberries and James.


Beauty: Lush Face Scrub & Mask

Just a heads up: this “Brisbane trip” that I keep mentioning has influenced 4/7 favourites in this post. What can I say; you can’t choose when and where you fall in love with stuff. So, Lush. I went to the store in Queen St Mall and was so freaking grateful for how helpful the girls were in there. I went in twice, the first time to pick up a face wash, and the second a face mask. To determine what face wash would best suit my skin, the sales girl (man, I wish I knew her name because she was actually a goddess when it came to skincare knowledge) asked me heaps of different questions and let me test different products until we landed on ‘Herbalism’, which is a fresh cleanser designed to achieve balanced and revitalised skin – perfect! Not gonna lie, the vinegar smell takes a bit to get used to, but it is 100% worth it once you start using it daily.

Next up was a face mask for extra hydration to go that little bit further than a daily cleanse. I was completely torn between two products that were very similar, but because of it’s in-store only status I had to give ‘Don’t Look At Me’ a try. And holy smokes, is it good. I definitely see why Lush named it that, since it is BRIGHT BLUE and all. James couldn’t take me seriously whenever I had it on (twice a week, usually at his place) but I didn’t care because FRESH CLEAN SKIN TRUMPS ALL.


Music: Trophy Eyes


So I initially heard about these guys when I was researching who was opening for Amity’s August tour, and found the first single off their upcoming album, Chemical Miracle. ‘Chlorine’, aka one of my favourite songs ever (you bet I’m making that call) is such a cool track and I was determined to learn all the words before I saw them live. And then August 19 rolled around, and the Newcastle 5 piece came onstage and made us jump around like lifelong fans. Their energy and charisma and badass punk rock vibes just make you never want to stop dancing and go on a long road trip with their albums on repeat. Kasey and I developed just a small crush on the lead singer, John, who was so much fun to watch bouncing around on stage. I was instantly hooked, and have since downloaded a bunch of songs they released in 2014, as well as Chemical Miracle’s second single, “Heaven Sent” which just too dreamy for words.


TV: Women’s Murder Club


Being an avid book reader, I often struggle finding TV shows that actually captivate me and meet the very high expectations that books set in terms of plot and character development. So back in the dark days of August, when we’d flown through Stranger Things and had to wait patiently for American Horror Story and Narcos to return, I retreated to an old book-to-screen adaption that I’d always loved the idea of, but never actually watched when it was first released. In comes Women’s Murder Club, a show based on James Patterson’s best-selling book series of the same name. Outcome = me loving every single minute of it, and binge watching the first season in 2 days. Now that I was well and truly attached, I clicked the next episode tab after the season one finale only to discover IT WAS CUT. No season 2. Hell, the season 1 finale wasn’t even a finale. It just stopped, without wrapping up any of the storylines or anything. And completely broke my heart. But apart from that, it was a really good show with the perfect amount of humour, wit, murder, mystery and romance. Watch and then read the 16 or so books for more.


YouTube: Rochelle Fox


Rochelle is another badass entrepreneur that I have been following for quite some time, who in the last 6 or so months has been posting non-stop top quality YouTube content. From the “I Create My Own Reality” series she and partner Chris Soll have so artfully curated (think vlogs of amazing holidays and backyard explorations, as well as some behind the scenes stuff for their metallic tattoo company Iamu), to her super inspiring meditation and mindfulness content; Rochelle covers it all. Not only is she a babe, but she is so funny and genuine and such a go-getter. She’s honestly such an inspiration if you’re wanting to get into the freelance/entrepreneur world, and is about to launch her Mindspo website and online course which I will definitely be getting my hands on.


Fashion: Converse High Tops


So I FINALLY picked up a pair of what have essentially been my dream shoes since I discovered that sneakers came in different styles. Alas, you have the classic black Chuck Taylor High Tops. Honestly, when I think of footwear I can’t think of a more iconic brand than Converse. I know there are plenty of front-runners (I still love you, Dr. Martens and Vans) but to me, there’s nothing more effortless and cool than a pair of scruffy high top Converse. After lusting over them for years, I finally slapped some sense into myself and scored a pair of these babies from Catch of the Day for an affordable $80 (cheaper than any other bricks and mortar or online store I could find + free postage too!) and have been wearing them ever since. Asides from being uber comfortable and not having to be broken in at all, they literally go with EVERY kind of outfit. Trust me, I’ve tested it out, and good pair of Connies will always benefit your look.


Book: Pieces of Sky by Trinity Doyle


I picked this one up rather late in August, whilst I was down in Brisbane for my Amity gig (more in this post here), and boy I am glad I did. I nearly put it back, as there were so many intriguing titles to choose from in good old Dymocks, but eventually the cover art won me over. Talk about stunning. I would actually love to have a print version of it on my walls. And the book? Well, it was beautiful too. There are simply no other words for it. For a debut novel, Trinity did an amazing job with the story and it made me want to pack up and move down to the NSW coast.


Food/Drinks: Pots of English Breakfast tea

Pic courtesy of my fab friend Tayla 🙂 – @taylawebbxox

I know this is kind of a random one, but those 3 days in Brisbane really opened my eyes to the magic that is a pot of tea. I don’t know if I was just going to places that had really good quality tea, or if loose tea just tastes better in general, but it was so darn nice (and delicious) to just sit down with your little arrangement of jugs and sugars and have three cups of tea for the price of 1 at the Coffee Club. Independent cafes for the win!


And that’s it for all of my August Faves. Like I said in an earlier segment, this series isn’t always going to be the same, because different things happen each month that will influence the things we obsess over. Ya know, human nature and all that :p
Till next time,

Viv x


July Favourites

Annnnnd we’re back for another monthly favourites post! I’ve decided to not follow a specific structure, and just let the topics change month to month, depending on what I’ve been really into. Feel free let me know what you guys have been loving during this rainy as heck month. Enjoy 🙂


Book: ‘Amazinger Face’ by Zoe Foster-Blake


So it’s been a pretty slow month in the reading department. Asides from smashing out this month’s Collective Hub, I have barely read anything that isn’t on a screen. And in walked this absolute GEM. Zoe has recently become one of my favourite people EVER, which is a little absurd considering we’ve never met, but I like to think of her as my cooler, sassier spirit animal. Anyway, Amazinger Face is an updated version of her best-selling  ‘Amazing Face’, and after absolutely devouring the first chapter I now swear by it. Useful, practical advice for gals of all ages, filled with a perfect amount of cheekiness and sass. I now spout out Zoe’s advice to anyone who’s willing (or not willing) to listen, because my eyes are now completely opened to the importance of all things skincare. A must read for anyone with skin.

Girl Crush: Megan Ellaby 


So I found this absolute babe through my suggestions panel on Youtube, and boy am I glad I took a gamble and looked at an unfamiliar channel (I know, it’s lame. But you’d be surprised at how boring Youtube can get when you’ve whizzed through your subscriptions and can’t think of anything interesting to search up) because Megan is RAD. Hailing, and currently living in, Manchester over in the UK, Megan seems to have the coolest life. Super rad warehouse-vibe flat: tick. Adorable muso boyfriend: tick. Heaps of travelling and music festivals: tick. Successful blogger with ACTUALLY cool style: tick tick tick.

You could say I’m a little obsessed, and have been surfing through her Youtube channel and blog, Pages By Megan, and have decided that I need to be friends with this gal, stat! Not only does she have such a unique, quirky style, but she also has killer music taste, and has made me once again contemplate a good old fashioned fringe.


Show: Stranger Things


As you see on this totally rad poster, season 1 of Stranger Things was released on Netflix last Friday. I rocked up to James’ house on Sunday afternoon and he was just about to start the second episode, so without having a clue what it was about, I nestled in and fell COMPLETELY in love with the opening theme song, it’s so spooky yet enthralling…. It’s really hard to explain, but I am simply OBSESSED. We watched the entire season overnight, and I was quite disappointed to discover that it had literally just been released, so it’s too early to tell if season 2 is a go (Netflix, you would be batshit crazy not to go with this one). I don’t want to give too much away, because I went in never having even heard of the show, and finished each episode wanting more and more and more. It’s set in the 80’s, so not only is the fashion right up my alley, but some of the main characters are witty 12 year olds who are total nerds, and drop Star Wars and comic book references like there’s no tomorrow. *Would recommend watching with someone who’s hand you can grip during the scary parts. And yes, there are plenty of scary parts. Boyfriends and brownies will help you through this, and ya know, the pure love you will develop for this show.


Documentary: Blackfish


Another beauty I streamed on Netflix over the weekend, and I finished it feeling a complicated mixture of anger, frustration, sadness and admiration. Killer whales are such magnificent creatures (even though I am still a little mad at them for targeting other mumma whales and their calves – simply for sport 😦 ) and do NOT deserve to be locked up by money-guzzling institutions such as Seaworld. I vaguely knew Blackfish was about, but it completely blew me away. It is such a well-made, fascinating documentary that really pulls at the heartstrings and leaves you feeling completely shocked that you hadn’t heard about all of this before. A definite must-watch, even if you’re not a massive animal lover – it’s so eye-opening in relation to the animal entertainment industry, and will definitely make you swear off Seaworld, the bloody dodgy bastards. 


Other Groovy Things:

Glitter Socks – One of the many fab styling tips I picked up from Megan Ellaby was to accessorise with socks! Sounds pretty obvious, right? Well, I in fact ADORE statement socks, but have always been too chicken to wear them or actually bother looking around for anything special. Until I was browsing on ASOS last night, and may have purchased 5 pairs of novelty socks. Oops. No, not oops! Because I will look funky as f*ck when I’m rocking them with my Docs or Converse. And who doesn’t love to add a bit of glitter to their everyday outfit? 

Buy these babies HERE

Patches – I am all about the customised denim jacket-trend that is FINALLY happening, especially when it means I can cover my own jacket in cute as heck patches. I’m not usually one to be bothered about trends, but they certainly do make it easier to stock up on products when you do like said trend, and I am going all out with buying/liking/screenshotting cool patches from around the world to add to my oversized denim jacket. I’m kinda proud of myself for learning how to hand sew again (not that it’s hard – but I haven’t picked up a needle since my Year 9 Home Economics class) and now have a nice little hobby to keep me busy on those lonely week nights when I want to be glued to the couch.

Buy this baby HERE 🙂

Neon Signs – I don’t know why I love them so much, but there’s something so cool and sexy about neon signs. And not because most of them are situated in dodgy back alleyways or advertising for strip clubs. If they’re done right, they can be really darn groovy. I’m especially drooling over the slogan or saying styles, such as a few below. I’ve been TRYING to convince James to make me one, but that one is still a work in progress. I guess for now I can just continue staring adoringly at the gems below…

Image via Pinterest
Image via Tumblr


Image via Pinterest


Some months my favourites list will be full of new tunes, and others will be a sweet recycle of the classics. Here’s some honourable mentions from July:

This Could Be Heartbreak – The Amity Affliction

Too Good – Drake ft. Rhianna

Overwhelmed/ Ill Prepared – Luca Brasi

Anything Near Conviction – Luca Brasi

20 Hour Drive – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Wall Fuck – Flume

Maestro – Hans Zimmer

7 – Catfish and the Bottlemen

Clair De Lune – Flight Facilities ft. Christine Hoberg


Till next time, 

Viv   x

Monthly Favourites: June

Aloha, friends!

So I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon to discuss my monthly ‘favourites’. Although to be perfectly honest, when something becomes a favourite of mine, I am obsessed with it every month. But alas, we shall give this a whirl, and hopefully it can give you guys some inspiration or help you (re)discover something groovy. To start off, I’ve just picked a bunch of random categories that I like reading/watching about when other people do favourites posts, so hopefully they are interesting for you too.

P.S. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate that time when I dyed my hair pink with food colouring and actually had Photoshop. And had time to take ‘arty’ photos for ‘fun’ and to ‘experiment’. Ah, those were the days!




I’m a pretty avid reader, and try to be reading SOMETHING every couple of days – whether that be a book, a magazine or one of my favourite blogs, but with how ridiculously crazy life has been lately, I’ve slowed down a LOT. 


Mag: Collective Hub


Honestly, this is my favourite magazine EVERY month. It provides such a unique mix of business and the creative industries, and has tonnes of relevant advice, stunning ‘Artist Takeovers’ and down right inspiring content.


Book: Skullduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy


I decided last month to re-read this badass series, partly because I had hit a wall in what to read next, and also because I am not allowing myself to purchase the last book until I’ve read all the others. So ultimately it’s a win-win for me. If you haven’t read it, then DO. The 10 part series follows the adventures of Valkyrie Cain, a girl unexpectedly thrown into a secret world of magic, and Skullduggery Pleasant, her witty partner in (solving) crime who is a) magic b) dead and c) a walking, talking skeleton. If I haven’t convinced you then you’ve probably got shit taste or I’m just rubbish at summaries (most likely true) so head on over to your local bookstore to check out the radness for yourself. 


Blog: Fashion Slave by Sophie Milner 


I have quite a few blogs that I regularly check and read (for which I shall do another post on soon!) but for the last few months in particular, I have been LOVING Fashion Slave. Sophie’s blog is a cleverly curated mix of on-trend yet personalised fashion posts and genuinely interesting and witty lifestyle posts (many topics of which we have all thought about but hardly anyone has had the guts to write about). She’s based in London, and regularly makes me want to pack a bag and jump on the next plane to the UK (despite how un-summery their summer may be). Definitely take some time out to peruse her site – you’ll find yourself laughing and nodding along in no time.





Band: Catfish and the Bottlemen 


I have been absolutely melting over these Welsh babes lately. I’m absolutely shit at describing the genre of a band, or how their music sounds, but I will say this – Van’s voice is just as dreamy live as it is on record. I have been playing ‘Cocoon’ over and over and over (both the album version and the live piece they recorded on Triple J’s ‘Like a Version’ last year), ‘Soundcheck’ (from their new album, which I am literally listening to as I type this – and loving every bit of it. Well done, lads!) and their acoustic cover of The Killers’ ‘Read My Mind’ (also from their session on Like a Version)


Other Lovely Songs:

Fill the Field feat. Jolie – Tinker (which is also available for free download on their Soundcloud – bonus!)

When Everything Was New – Flume (actually, his whole new album ‘Skin’ is just magical)

‘So Into You’ cover – Childish Gambino

I Bring The Weather With Me – The Amity Affliction

The Girl – City and Colour

Hoops – The Rubens

Follow You – Bring Me The Horizon 

Shine On – The Amity Affliction (always Amity <3) 


OK, I better stop before I rattle off my entire playlist, haha. 



My instagram feed is about 40% artists (many whom are Australian and I have bought pieces from – which is kinda one of my favourite things to do. Support local artists is a super great thing to do, and believe me, the quality of the prints are worth every extra cent!) so I’m regularly stalking their pages and trying (not so successfully) to resist buying their prints. Again, I need to do another post on this (because I could go on FOREVER), but here are a couple of artists that are giving me heart eyes during this cold and rainy month.


Joel Birch


I have been obsessed with Joel’s work for as long as I can remember. Not only is he the lead singer and songwriter for my favourite band, The Amity Affliction; but Joel is a ridiculously talented film photographer, graffiti artist and typographer. He is best known in the ‘art world’ for his typography prints, many of which are his own song lyrics, that come in limited numbers and are hand-screen-printed right here in Aus. He’s a pretty busy man so his prints are rare yet well adored, but you can regularly find new scribbles posted on his instagram, along with adorable pics of his family and groovy film shots. 


Rik Lee


Rik is another Aussie I’ve been following for quite a few years, who is pretty much living a creative’s dream, living and working in Bali. All of his prints are handmade on recycled paper in Bali, and I can personally say that they are an impeccable quality. His signature style is portraits of cartoon females in a variety of vibrant settings, usually with hair to die for. Not only does he sell top notch art prints, but card sets, colouring books, lapel pins and so many other cute knick nacks. Rik’s instagram is also one of my faves, with plenty of #wip pics and snippets of his clothing brand Rik and Reg.




So it is FINALLY becoming cool enough in Australia to wear JUMPERS and LONG SLEEVED SHIRTS without absolutely DYING of heatstroke in a matter of minutes. And yes, capslock is necessary because I am SO FRIGGING EXCITED. 

Since it’s not actually cold, I’ve just been wearing my ‘summer wardrobe’ (i.e. high waisted shorts, sneakers and a band tee) with either a giant mustard yellow cardigan thrown on OR one of my cozy pullover knits on top. 

I’m also taking advantage of being able to wear my longer overalls without melting, as well as some much loved long sleeve tees (think Flume, Sea Shepard and stripes). But the clear winner this month has been my very Babysitter’s Club-esque outfit (which I am racking up quite a wear count): a basic black long-sleeved turtleneck from Kmart ($10 and was exactly what I wanted!) and a super cute dark blue denim overall dress from Valleygirl. You can kinda see it in this pic, in which I am proudly showing off my gorgeous new baby brother (yay for him finally arriving safe and sound!), and it looks rad with sneakers/boots/Docs/basically anything because it is the best outfit in my closet, possibly ever.

I should probably do an honourable mention to my new glasses from Specsavers (also pictured) which are a completely different style to any of my previous pairs, but I’m really glad I took the leap and got something a little more quirky this time. 



And presto – the post is actually finished! Big thanks if you managed to get all the way through, and I’d love to know what things you’re loving this month – or in general – as I’m always on the hunt for new music/reads/artists to follow.


Till next time, 

Viv x