Groovin on Film – April, 2017

Another year, another Groovin over and done with. I swear I spent the last 3 months counting down the hours until we drove to Townsville, then I blinked and it was all over, with nothing but a trail of spilt glitter as evidence. 

This year had to be one of my best experiences yet. I went with two of my close gal pals and had an absolute blast. Everything went smoothly, we were all super chilled and excited to run around sculling expensive drinks so we could promptly get back to boogying to our favourite acts.

Shout outs go to The Smith Street Band (who made me melt into a giant puddle of glitter and love), The Wombats, George Maple, The Darkness and Dillion Francis. They put out such good vibes and truly made the day what it was. We also stumbled upon this rad DJ called CC: Disco during an aversion of all things Tash Sultana and boy did that lady spin a good mix! I’ve never really dabbled into disco music but we had such a fun time grooving around the locals tent, and what started out as a group of 6 ended up being an entire tent full of disco-ites. 

Being slightly tipsy upon leaving our unit, I kind of forgot my Polaroid camera. I packed all of the film in my backpack, but left the camera at home and completely forgot about it for another 3 or so hours. So it light of this drunken human error I’ve decided to showcase only the film photos we took on a random disposable from Kmart. I had another film camera dilemma right before leaving for Groovin, so we bought this guy and had NO IDEA how to use it. 

Alas, here are the results: beautiful, messy and the reminder of a great day.


North East Party House (perhaps)


The Smith Street Band


The Darkness


A Bit of Festival Outfit Inspo

Hi friends,

In honour of my first festival of the year coming up, and then a heck load soon following, I thought it would only be fitting to provide a little outfit inspo for those looking to go a little left of centre than your typical Stussy crop/high waisted booty shorts/Converse combo.

I’ve spent the last few weeks looking at options for myself (even though I have a perfectly good – and beautiful – outfit sitting in the cupboard) and spamming Tayla with screenshots of goodies I’ve found online, so here they are in a slightly more composed fashion. Of course, whatever I end up wearing will be accessorised with Doc Martens, my baker boy cap and a fuck tonne of glitter, so that basically gives me infinite creative freedom when it comes to designing the look.



Something Shiny


Get it from: Princess Polly



Something Sheer


Get it from: Arnhem Clothing



Something You Can Wear Again


Get it from: Afends



Something Off The Shoulder


Get it from: Beginning Boutique


Something Denim


Get it from: Universal Store


Something Flowing


Get it from: Princess Polly


Something Silky


Get it from: Arnhem Clothing


Something Short


Get it from: Princess Polly


NOTE: I had a few more looks that I planned to put on here, but since the products are currently unavailable I thought that would be a little cruel. This is just a small selection from a very extensive range of screenshots and instagram saves, so there’s plenty more ideas out there if you’re feeling a little ugh when it comes to festival fashion.

Till next time,

Viv  x

MMVAF 2016

Music festivals. There’s just something about them, hey. They all have some grand, magical allure that draws you in, time and time again, and before you know it you’re all starry-eyed and dutifully dusting off your old pair of dancing boots for another mission in the dirt/mud/grass.

I must say that compared to last year, this year has definitely been more quiet on the live music front. But I’m probably only saying that because it’s November and my next scheduled gig isn’t until January (sometimes, adult responsibilities suck!). I can’t complain though, because I’ve seen some amazing artists and had some even more amazinger times, and MMVAF back in September was no different.

If y’all are wondering what the heck MMVAF stands for, well it’s the Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Fest, held on a cute little golf on the Sunshine Coast. This year was only the festival’s second year, but I can already assure you that I will be making the trip down the coast again next year for another round.

I went down with my friend Tayla, who is always up for an adventure (one of the many reasons why I love her) and it was definitely one of the best weekends of the year. Before we even left the caravan park we’d made friends with our groovy neighbours from Melbs (miss ya Tina and Shiv), taken a shit tonne of Boomerangs, applied copious amounts of glitter and had high spirits for the day.

Now, you know I’m rubbish when it comes to writing about live music, so I think I’ll just let the photos do the talking. Props definitely need to be given to Allday, George Maple, Peking Duk and of course, Client Liaison, who supplied the tunes whilst we danced our last hour of the night away in freezing rain and mud. It may not sound very glamourous, but holy shit it was fun. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face, even though my white dress had turned brown and the water had weaselled its way into my previously dry socks.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy these cute little snaps, because they only show approximately 1/10 of the good times and the laughs we had that day.




Catch ya next year, MMVAF ❤

Your new pal,

Viv  xx

Splendour Hacks

Hi guys!

Since it’s nearly time for Australia’s grooviest festival of the year, annnnd since I’m not going and having major withdrawals, I’ve decided to put together my very own list of Splendour In The Grass hacks. These very useful tips are specific to SITG, and in my opinion, will be relevant every year for all the newbies, as they are all the things I wish I’d been told before attending my first Splendour last year.

So I hope all you rookies have an absolute blast this year (I am jealous as HECK, btw) and hopefully use these hacks to make your Splendour experience as smooth and rad as possible 🙂 


DO’S: BEFORE the festival

Day 1 Outfit

DO: Buy all of your bus tickets at the start. Last year it was $10 p.p. each way, so $60 in total for the three days, which is pretty bloody good if you ask me. We paid for ours all at once at the Information Centre in Byron, however I’d check closer to the dates to see if it’s the same purchase point this year. Getting our tickets in advance saved us a crapload of time both when we were heading there and leaving, plus it eliminates the possibility of being too broke/drunk/impatient to buy them at the end of the night. Just DON’T lose them :p

DO: Get cash out before you go to the festival, because the ATM lines become dreadfully long, shockingly quickly. but also take your card in case of emergencies/you want to do some shopping. Most of the stalls you’ll visit accept EFTPOS or cash payment – score! (but don’t quote me for the food stalls).

DO: Invest in a solid pair of gumboots. If the weather this year lives up to typical Splendour standards, then it’s probably going to rain, and be muddy and try to ruin your shoes. I caved in last year and bought a $180 pair of Hunter gumboots (the most money I’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes), and boy am I glad I did. Not only do they nearly go up to my knees, but they were super comfortable and withstood all of the dancing and running around for the week. Hot tip: also get some super long, knee high or over-the-knee socks to go with said boots. I found that with all the walking I did (and the fact that they were brand new) my Hunters rubbed a little on my shins on Day 1. However, as soon as I got some giant, comfy socks – voila! Perfect festival companions. 

DO: Bring a sturdy (preferably waterproof) backpack with COMFORTABLE straps. I know a lot of gals like to rock a cute mini handbag and attempt to remain warm/look fabulous for the entire day, but let’s face it: if they’re succeeding then they’re probably witches. If you’re like me and like being prepared, then get yourself a quality backpack and make peace with the fact that you can take it off when it’s time for outfit pics. 

DO: Pack a portable phone charger! Even if you don’t end up using it, one of your pals who are camping will definitely need it at some point. Also packing related: if you’re a northerner, bring a frigging jumper/jacket! Or even a raincoat, because it’s Splendour, and Splendour and rain go together like cheese and biscuits, so it’s probably gonna happen, and if you’re used to tropical climates like me, then you’re bound to end up freezing your ass off. And if you’ve got half a brain, then you’ll chuck a few snap lock bags in your backpack, because they are the handiest things you will EVER take to a festival. *drops mic*


DO’S: AT the festival


DO: Get your drink tickets as soon as you arrive. Kinda the same deal as the cash out thing, but the earlier you do it the less people there are, so it’s kinda a no brainer. Another hot tip: the cash line for drink tickets was always heaps shorter than the EFTPOS line whenever we walked past (which was often). 

DO: On the first day, head down a little early to actually get to know the grounds, because they are so much frigging bigger than the map makes them out to be. Also, knowing the names of the stages/tents will make it heaps easier to navigate the venue and know where all of the good stalls/drink spots are (I highly recommend checking out the Kopparberg barn if it’s back this year! Their Strawberry & Lime cider on tap was rad).

DO: Have a game plan. Work out what acts you want to see everyday (even the ‘maybes’) then work out which area they are playing at (and if there will be any clashes). Remember that crowd numbers increase significantly at night time, so be prepared to be shuffling like cattle in order to see both of those artists. 

DO: Take lots of photos. Bring your phone, bring your Polaroids (and shitloads of film), and that quirky little film camera while you’re at it. I thought I took heaps of photos over the weekend, when in reality it was probably only about 50 for the three days (plus videos), and now every time I look back at them I wish I’d taken more. Because Splendour is really freaking cool. Everything there is so artfully curated, and there’s so many cool props and stalls and signs and literally NO ONE gives a shit if you’re that girl making her brother take heaps of “candid” shots because there’s easily a thousand others doing the exact same thing.

DO: Go to the Electric Garden Silent Disco before 9(8?)pm. Mainly because it’s free. And on the night we went, it wasn’t too packed, so there was heaps of room to just dump your bags and have a solid boogey with your pals. 

DO: Particularly for the gals – bring some toilet paper. And maybe even hand sanitiser. The toilets are okay for approximately 1 hour out of the 3 days, so be prepared for them to be gross and to have REALLY long waits in the toilet line (I’m talking 40 minutes + in some cases). Use this time to make friends with the gals in line with you, do NOT take your phone out (I saw a girl drop hers in the mud) and try to make the whole affair a strategic pee when you’ve got some spare time in between sets.



Before it got hella muddy

DON’T: Rely on the buses to be perfectly synchronised and on time. The first day we had no problems getting to Splendour, but on the Saturday morning/lunchtime we waited in line for the bus that was meant to get to the event an hour before our first set, and it took so long that we completely missed it

DON’T: Expect to get home straight away. This is another bus-related tip, but unless you’re planning to leave mega early before all of the headlining acts play each night (and who the heck wants to do that?) then be prepared to be waiting for up to 2 hours in the bus line back to Byron. Completely soaked and muddy. In the freezing cold rain. For the love of music, eh?

DON’T: Think that you’re going to see every act that you want to. Or at least catch all of your favourite songs. It’s the hard, cold, truth but it’s Splendour and the Parklands is a HUGE venue, and you’re kidding yourself if you think everything’s going to go according to plan. Just embrace the chaos of it all and go along for the ride, because you’re at Splendour for God’s sake, and that’s more than enough! 

DON’T: Split up with your friends and say “we’ll meet at this act/tent”. Because it’s never going to happen. Not once, in the three entire days. I ran into famous models before I found my friends, and we were all under the same tent. The phone reception also goes to absolute shit, purely because there are thousands of people there all trying to text and instagram simultaneously. Sometimes it took hours before we got some of our messages through, so again, if you’re gonna split up, at least pick a food or market stall to meet back up at. You’re far more likely to find your pals on the hay bales at Grill’d than you are at the Main Stage.

DON’T: Wear anything that you’re not prepared to get dirty. Because it’s inevitable. Even if you don’t sit down for the entire 3 days, the mud will somehow end up on your elbows, and in your hair, and definitely caking your boots. I wore kinda nice clothes (i.e. nothing too crazily expensive) that got a lot dirtier than I realised, but I managed to nurse them all back to health with a good old soak in Napisan. 


Annnnnd, I think that just about covers it. I hope you all have an amazing few days and really take some time just to embrace it all and breathe it all in, because there’s really nothing quite like the magic of Splendour. 


Till next time, 

Viv  x


Groovin The Moo: 2016 Edit

So, if you follow me on Instagram then you either would’ve a) seen my countdown posts from the last however many months or; b) the posts on the day or; c) the spam I have unleashed on my feed since Monday afternoon and are probably thinking: YES, WE FRIGGIN KNOW YOU WENT TO GROOVIN!

Yeah, well I did! And it was as rad as always. I’ve been saying lately that it’s my favourite day of the year, and after wrapping up my fifth year attending the festival I can in fact confirm that yes, it’s the grooviest – and best – day of my year.

Sure, Christmas is always a laugh and birthdays are fun, but they’re no music festival. Especially one that requires a cute little road trip, bunking on your friends’ floor and dancing/running around for 10 hours straight. It’s the festival that I’ve been to the most times, and one that I consider to be a non-negotiable in regards to attendance. Groovin is a traditionafter all. Even my dad asked when I was going to start getting discounts for going so much – haha.

This year, the lineup was as solid as always, with a lot of rad local acts and a few  talented internationals thrown into the mix. For the first time ever, I didn’t have a single timetable clash so I was able to have a pretty chilled out day and just roam between the 3 stages without any of the usual “god dammit I’m going to miss ….’s best song!” stress.

We started out the day with homemade pancakes (cheers Cody), breakfast ciders and the entire morning dedicated to getting ready. In the many hours between when we woke up and when we left the house, we took absolutely zero group shots and only a handful of selfies and polaroids which I’m going to write off as ‘having too much fun to document’.


When we finally arrived at the show grounds, we made it just in time for the Vallis Alps set. The duo’s dreamy electronica was the perfect way to start a whirlwind day, with ‘Young’ enchanting the entire tent and the roamers nearby.

Next up was Drapht, an artist I haven’t listened to since Groovin 2011 but won me over once again. Despite the afternoon Townsville sun heavily beating down, the crowd was energised and lapping up every minute of the boys’ performance. I was just a litttttttle excited about their sneaky Flume remix, but it was Jimmy Recard that really got us all jumping around and singing our dehydrated little hearts out.

We raced from Drapht back to the Moulin Rouge tent, where we caught the end of British India’s badass set. I definitely regret not popping over earlier, because they absolutely killed it with the songs I did catch. They are now officially added to my ‘fantastic artists that Groovin have made me fall in love with’ list. Time to update the old Spotify playlist, I think.

After a little groove to a funky set from The Meeting Tree, we dived straight into In Heart’s Wake, and by dived I mean the crowd set up for an energised wall of death whilst I grabbed the girls (first time Groovers, definitely first time seeing a hardcore band) and dragged them a few metres back. Regardless of how close we were, it was impossible to deny that the boys were on fire with their set, and pretty much made every girl melt in their boots when Kyle sung an acoustic version of ‘Wildflower’. Ahh, that man.

The Byron boys were back to back with What So Not, and we were lucky enough to be treated with a crazy little collab between the two (think a wall of death, Jake’s signature screams and some seriously sick drops) before Emoh bewitched the crowd with with a dynamic mix of both fresh and favourite tunes.

We had a quick break between What So Not and Twenty One Pilots, a band I’ve never really listened to but the girls (and the rest of the crowd) seemed super keen to see. And boy, did they perform. Big props for the confetti canons (which I managed to get a sneaky polaroid of), crowdsurfing with an entire drum kit (whilst still keeping in time perfectly!) and the upbeat atmosphere that carried the crowd into the night.

Next up were the boys I was dying to see (again). The Rubens. After attending a super chilled gig at Tanks late last year and seeing Hoops take the crown of the Hottest 100, I was more than thrilled to see them joining the Groovin 2016 circuit. Think a drunk but ever so charismatic Sam in a groovy, open shirt, belting out all of their well loved songs in between gulps of beer, crowd surfing on a blow up mattress (legit nearly lost my hearing to all of the fangirl screams) and spraying champagne into the crowd. The boys definitely adapted to the festival circuit nicely, and got the whole damn grounds singing when they belted out Hoops.

Full of high spirits, we made our way from The Rubens back to the MR tent for a quick “sit down and die” session in preparation for Alison. We got about 10 minutes of actual sitting done before Golden Features lured us to the d-floor with his cool beats. It was impossible not to smile during this set, with positive vibes and chilled dancing all round.

After a quick snack session and my fourth trip to the merch tent (where I FINALLY purchased a shirt), we were hydrated and ready for megababe Alison Wonderland; the one name everyone blurted out when you asked them who they were keen to see at Groovin. And boy, did the Sydney gal deliver. Despite it being the end of a very big day, Alex called on us to give her our best effort in return for hers; a promise which she definitely delivered on – 239 times over.

I stumbled out of the grounds with a slight girl crush on AW (can ya blame me? She’s seriously the most badass bitch I’ve ever come across! Beyonce, gtfo), unable to move my limbs normally and with a shit tonne of excellent memories of the day.

I know this post was a little more than long, but for me there’s nothing better than documenting the good times so there’s something sweet to look back on during your lunch break at work. Because the only thing worse than not going to a festival, is going and then going back to work two days later.


Until next year Groovin ❤ 

Your pal,





Saving vs. Spending: The Festival Season Struggle

AUTHOR’S NOTE: So I started this post just a casual ten months ago, but I still think it is just as relevant now as it was then. Hell, when ISN’T the saving vs. spending debate rattling through our heads? Anyway, this one’s for all the gals and guys who would rather have a closet full of delicious clothes rather than a beefed up bank account. Enjoy! x


June, 2015

With a month until my Byron holiday, I am frequently being faced with the dilemma of buying something cute vs. saving extra cash for the holiday. So far, impulse buying has won. Every. Single. Time. I don’t know what it is about fashion at this time of year, but it is particularly grand. I am finding nice things EVERYWHERE I turn (don’t even get me started on the online stores) and it is absolutely draining my bank account.

I’m trying to be good, I swear (um, well, kind of) but it’s so easy to justify the “oh, I’ll just wear that in Byron (or Bali)” card. Shopping FOR the vacation is a thing, right?


April, 2016

Soooooooo……not much has changed. It’s a month until Groovin and I officially began my ‘holy shit I have so much to do/organise/what the fuck do I wear?!’ freak out last night, and although I ticked the outfit off my list (hooray) there’s still the whole saving-money-to-later-spend thing that I have to worry about.

Actually, let’s rewind for a second back to the outfit…

Now, if any of you are like me, then one of your favourite things to do is to skulk around shopping centres and endlessly scroll through online stores and instagram searching for inspiration/the elements to make your perfect festival outfit. It’s not an easy task, and certainly not a quick one, but there’s no better feeling than finding an absolute gem and it’s in your size and you can actually afford to buy it right now *overexcited girly squeals*!

However, last night I took a slightly different approach to creating my Groovin get-up. Usually I completely disregard whatever’s already in my wardrobe, because I am one of those people who only wears 20% of the clothes that she owns because the other 80% are jumpers and fancy dresses that I’ll probably never wear (but are too darn pretty to get rid of).

My first thought was: ‘Shit, I’ve only got two more pays until Groovin’. The second was: ‘nothing I’ve seen screams “Groovin 2016” in any of my go-to shops lately’. The third: ‘I don’t want to look too dressed up, but I also want to look cute and still be cool because it’s Townsville and it’s always a scorcher of a day’. Which is how I ended up tearing through my wardrobe at 11pm on a Monday night, trying to get creative with my go-to staples.

The result? A cute camisole (op-shop score), open blouse over the top, a favourite pair of high-waisted denim shorts, my trusty black belt and ever-faithful Docs. I’m hoping to accessorise it with this cute Brixton hat (fingers crossed that it fits!) and maybe some iamu metallic tattoos or glitter. Simple, but effective.

The best thing about this outfit is that I’m only spending money on a hat (always a valuable purchase) and a container of glitter that will easily last me months.

Of course, Groovin is a relatively relaxed festival in terms of it’s patrons’ fashion choices, with many of the gals opting to wear the smallest crops/shorts that they can possibly get away with (and hey, if that’s what you feel comfortable in, then good for you 🙂 ) but I like to settle somewhere in between my everyday outfits and shit I’d wear out to town (which again, is a little more eclectic than what’s deemed acceptable in Cairns, but fuck it).

Hopefully I don’t get a bee in my bonnet and change my mind last minute, or go to Townsville and impulse buy a completely new outfit (*cough* me @ Splendour 2015) because now I can save for the really important things like ciders and hot chips and maybe some festival merch.

So, what was I trying to say with this post? Well, I really have no idea. BUT, if you’ve got a cool event coming up, maybe try searching through what you already own before going out and blowing your cash on a cute outfit that you’re only going to wear the once. Even if you just use a base piece, such as a pair of shorts or a jacket, and work your outfit around that, you’re already saving valuable cash that could be spent on the day.

If you’re wanting to stand out from the crowd, or simply not show up wearing the same City Beach-sourced outfit as 50 others girls there, then op-shops and vintage stores are going to be your best friend. Full of cheap, quirky, one-off pieces, these grungy little havens are sure to deliver the goods, so even if you never wear that sequinned dress again, at least you bought it for a fraction of the price!

Or, if like a lot of us, you’re a broke uni student and simply can’t afford to go out and buy the trendiest outfit on the rack, then accessories are for you. Hats, jewellery, metallic tattoos, glitter…all of these guys can spice up your outfit (plus the other 80 that didn’t make the cut) and are usually a bit more bank account-friendly. When in doubt, raid your friends’ wardrobes! You never know what treasures your gal-pals may have lying around.


Image via Pinterest
Image via iamu collective
Image via Spell and the Gypsy Collective
Annalise McLachlan @ Blues Fest 2016. Shot by Mel Carrero


Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for whatever up-and-coming adventures you’ve got planned over the next few months 🙂 I’ll try and sneak another one of these festival-inspired posts in before Splendour springs upon us (let’s all pray that I can secure/afford tickets again this year) with a little more radical inspo/ideas.


Until next time,

Viv   x