The Power Of A Damn Good Outfit

Growing up, we (well, most of us) loved to play dress ups. Whether you were a princess or a policeman(woman) or even pretending to be a dog, we let our imagination run wild every time the fancy dress box was raided. Everyone wanted a piece of the action, and no one really cared if they were wearing a daggy op shop dress 7 sizes too big or some old shoes that were mysteriously donated to the school. 

Sure, we had our games and rules and extensive plots, but the outfits really were the crème del la crème, the final piece to perfect an otherwise ordinary game of house (or famous people, as we often opted for. You should’ve seen the brawls to be Charlie from Hi-5). 

Being a kid, clothes were something you were forced to wear and shoes were nothing but a topic of parental nagging. And then, suddenly, they weren’t. I don’t know when it happened exactly, but at some point I decided that I cared about how I dressed, and my styling journey began. 

[I toyed with the idea of a style evolution post for a while, but I’ve had such wild hair colours in the past that I would’ve spent the entire write up cringing.] 

Wearing a school uniform gave us minimal room to show our personal style, which meant we had to get creative. It would be simple enough: we would pick a cute backpack and beg our parents for some fancy sneakers, and have them fix our hair into a bedazzled masterpiece that would stay perfectly in place all day. The reality of course, was not so Fergie circa Glamourous and much more bleak: my shoes would be impossible to keep clean and my hair had to be scraped back and dunked in hair gel every morning to avoid the plague of nits that took over our school in year 2.

This rather shitty, or should I say, nitty, situation meant that weekends were our time to shine. After school nobody cared about who was wearing what, only about how quickly you could finish your homework and come in play in the streets. But on the weekends, ah! Sleep ins, all day long play dates-turned sleepovers-turned 2 days of house hopping. Oh, the opportunities for fashion statements were endless. 

My dad went through a big phase of calling me Cindy Lauper because I wore bubble skirts and off the shoulder tops (and rocked the hell outta them, might I add). Thankfully those unflattering skirts are a thing of the past, but exposed shoulders are here to stay, sir. 

This routine of experimental dressing continued merrily until high school, when suddenly it mattered. Suddenly people thought they had the right to comment and judge what you were wearing, and put you down if it was even just a touch off from their personal taste. Overall, I was a pretty cool cucumber, and considered people’s dislike to be in direct correlation with how small their small-town minds were (clue: microscopic), and that if they simply watched anything British they would know how cool I looked. 

I won’t deny that dressing for special occasions became a struggle. Dinners, birthday parties, drink ups; every invitation now suddenly came with an unmentioned dress code,  meaning I had to deliberate how ballsy I was feeling and how many comments I was willing to cop before I would crack. Thankfully, I don’t think I ever gave anyone the satisfaction of seeming visibly unsure, even though in my head I would be drastically searching through my wardrobe for something less stand-outish.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved being different. I loved that I was one of the few who had decent music taste, and liked different clothes, and had travelled overseas and understood just how small I was in comparison to the big old world, and how most importantly, that strangers in the real world didn’t give a fuck about what I listened to or wore. It was a powerful feeling, but that didn’t make me immune. No 17 year old wants people to verbally point out their differences, even if it is a somewhat backhanded compliment. 

In year 12, a show called Slide came out on Aussie TV. It was basically our version of Skins, but in a lot more light-hearted funny kinda way. The characters were also my age, so obviously I related to them quite a bit, including there wacky yet oh-so-cool fashion sense. There was one particular clip that I’ve always remembered, and that was when one of the girls, Tammy, enters an op shop in search of the perfect writing outfit. 

Being a writer myself, I thought this was brilliant. Who could’ve thought it was so simple? Find a magical outfit and only reserve it for kick ass writing days. Published author, here I come! Of course, in the end there was a nice little lesson that Tammy shouldn’t try to pretend to be someone else, and just wear whatever she is comfortable in and the words will flow. In the end, she makes a cup of tea and writes her article in the nude, but that’s beside the point. She’d discovered that although clothes are a brilliant tool to projecting our style and interests, they can’t change who you are on the inside.

That being said, there is some type of mystical power that comes with a Damn Good Outfit. You know the one: you put it on hesitantly, feeling a little self-conscious and a lot out of your comfort zone and then BAM! Fireworks. Glitter canons! Rainbows! Not only does it fit you perfectly, but it’s flattering as hell and makes you feel like a million bucks. Now you’re wondering why you’ve never tried something like it on before. Why don’t you already have it in 7 different colours? Where has it BEEN all your life?

It’s quite refreshing how many times this has happened to me. I’ve been a little daring in a clothing store, not sold on anything but wanting to try it on anyway, and then the Damn Good Outfit emerges from the curtains of material. And if it’s really good, you’ll still find it shining in your wardrobe 5 years later, a luminous failsafe and a beloved vessel of good memories. 


If It Comes In Rust…

Aloha friends 🙂

This post is basically a Pinterest board come to life (one that I haven’t actually created yet) covering my major crush on all things rust/burnt orange at the moment. I don’t know when I decided that rust was MY COLOUR, but now it is and I can’t seem to get enough of the bloody thing. 

All of these pictures were sourced from Pinterest (unless otherwise captioned), and although I haven’t looked for specific items I know there are plenty on the market at the moment. 








Megan Ellaby – Pages By Megan




Available from Nine Lives Bazaar

caves collect




Available from Arnhem Clothing
Cute as pie (and comfy!) jumper from Target


A Bit of Festival Outfit Inspo

Hi friends,

In honour of my first festival of the year coming up, and then a heck load soon following, I thought it would only be fitting to provide a little outfit inspo for those looking to go a little left of centre than your typical Stussy crop/high waisted booty shorts/Converse combo.

I’ve spent the last few weeks looking at options for myself (even though I have a perfectly good – and beautiful – outfit sitting in the cupboard) and spamming Tayla with screenshots of goodies I’ve found online, so here they are in a slightly more composed fashion. Of course, whatever I end up wearing will be accessorised with Doc Martens, my baker boy cap and a fuck tonne of glitter, so that basically gives me infinite creative freedom when it comes to designing the look.



Something Shiny


Get it from: Princess Polly



Something Sheer


Get it from: Arnhem Clothing



Something You Can Wear Again


Get it from: Afends



Something Off The Shoulder


Get it from: Beginning Boutique


Something Denim


Get it from: Universal Store


Something Flowing


Get it from: Princess Polly


Something Silky


Get it from: Arnhem Clothing


Something Short


Get it from: Princess Polly


NOTE: I had a few more looks that I planned to put on here, but since the products are currently unavailable I thought that would be a little cruel. This is just a small selection from a very extensive range of screenshots and instagram saves, so there’s plenty more ideas out there if you’re feeling a little ugh when it comes to festival fashion.

Till next time,

Viv  x

2016 Fashion Faves

In terms of fashion, 2016 was quite experimental and almost daring for me, but at the same time I spent the majority of it rocking my classic combo of sneakers, a baggy t-shirt and some high-waisted denim shorts. I love fashion, I really do, but I’m not really into following trends or investing in the latest pieces, and can find that shopping online can be quite underwhelming when you have a specific taste like I do. Plus, there’s the whole thing about SPENDING LOTS OF MONEY, which can be ridiculously easy to do, especially when your favourite store’s buyers are KILLING IT for months on end.

But alas, here are all of the items/styles that I became utterly obsessed with this year (in no particular order, and with little explanation).

Warning: since I have a significant lack of OOTD photographers, most of these are selfies or versions of, and the outfits are cropped, but you get the picture (and probably feel my pain :p).


Wrap skirts



Glitter socks

Image via Pinterest


Anything sheer

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest


Slip Dresses layered over T-shirts

Image via Pinterest


Brixton caps



Converse High Tops



Anything metallic 

Image via Pinterest

Sequins & Glitter 

Alexander McQueen, F/W 16/17
One Day Bridal – via Pinterest

Swimwear/bodysuits under lace dresses



One pieces (swimwear)



Turtleneck sweaters

Image via Pinterest
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Image via Pinterest


Overall dresses



Mom jeans



And of course, the usual suspects made the list:

  • Comfy band tees
  • Floral printed dresses (but kind of in a 70’s style if that makes sense?)
  • Anything with bell sleeves
  • Stripes
  • Oversized denim jackets


P.S. as you may have noticed, a lot of the items that I mentioned tend to overlap in the photos, which not only proves how versatile these pieces can be, but also how much I bloody loved them! 🙂


Until next time, 

Viv  x

The Everyday Gal’s Online Shopping Hacks

So, if you’re reading this than it means you have access to the internet, and if you have access to the internet then you’ve probably discovered the charming blessing/curse that we call online shopping.

Depending on what level of online shopper (OS) you are, you have or may not have created your own version of this list during the many hours of scrolling through ASOS for that perfect dress.

If not, and you’re wanting to minimise the time you spend searching online but still find exactly what you’re looking for, then read on amigos!


Hack #1: Build up at Little Black Book (L.B.B.)

– Or a favourites folder. Whatever floats ya boat.

This one is pretty straightforward, but will save you a tonne of time when you need something specifically. Having a L.B.B. basically just means creating a list of all of your go-to stores, and have it saved somewhere accessible (hence why saving in favourites folder is great – if you’re working with Apple products then the saved links will automatically be synced between your devices) so that you can have a flick through when you’re needing inspiration on where to look.

Yes, this is going to be a little time consuming at first, but your friends and Instagram are going to gems when compiling your L.B.B., as more often than not someone you know has bought from somewhere you haven’t. So get chatting – or scrolling, as most online stores will have an Instagram account that is regularly updated with their new stock and is the perfect way to get a gist of what type of styles the company stocks and what their vibe is.

If you want to be realllllly organised, you can add little notes to each store to make it even an more thorough guide to shop with such as; ‘… stocks great shoe brands’ or ‘… products are usually $10 cheaper than this store’ and so on.

Once you’ve site-hopped a few times you’ll barely even have to glance at your L.B.B. in times of need, instead being able to pass on the knowledge to future gals in need.


Hack #2: Get familiar with the brands available 

Some websites will purely be designed as an e-commerce store for selling the brand’s products, which is great if you’re wanting to buy from that brand only; but in recent years there has been a huge surge in e-retailers who stock products from a variety of brands. Think sites like Princess Polly, Pepper Mayo, Free People – just to name a few that are super popular in Australia.

They’re great because they often sell stock from brands that aren’t necessarily social media giants, but still make killer threads and obviously make profit from their products being sold through said stockists, so it’s a win-win situation.

So what’s the point of knowing this information? Well, once you get to know the brand, you’ll know the signature fit of their clothing (trust me, it’s a thing!) and it will make it a SHIT TONNE easier to shop online and get the perfect size for you. Because there’s nothing worse than psyching yourself up to buy an item, get super excited when it arrives, then try it on and – oh, it’s totally NOT how it looks on the model in the pictures.

Knowing what you like + knowing what brands SELL what you like = one very happy gal.


Hack #3: Use customer support

You’d think this would be a totally obvious thing to do – but it’s not. The number of times I’ve gone to order something but been a little unsure THEN ORDERED IT ANYWAY is just embarrassing. Sometimes it’s just because the pictures aren’t the most detailed. Or you’re not sure how the fabric will feel. Or you can’t visualise how it’s going to sit on someone who’s not 5ft 9.

I don’t have any specific figures to work with here, but I’m pretty sure most of us would just click that ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button and hope for the best rather than taking a few extra minutes to contact the customer service team from the store to get that deal-breaking info. So my advice is simple: talk to them! It’s their job to help you out, and I can only talk from personal experience here, but all of the online customer services girls I’ve spoken to in the past have been absolutely lovely and super helpful (and quick to get back to you!), so it’s definitely worth a shot.

And worse comes to worse, you can always (hope) to send it back and pick something else as equally as cute out.


Hack #4: Shop around

Hence, why it’s handy to have a L.B.B. 😛

But in all seriousness, if you’ve got the time it pays to shop around. And by pays I mean you are literally saving money by doing so. A few years ago there was this stunning playsuit that I was just dying to have (because I am materialistic and like pretty things, OK? No judging, haha) and of course at the time every other girl in freaking Australia wanted it too, so it would sell out in a matter of hours whenever it showed its face online.

The point of this cute little story is that about 4 different stores were selling said playsuit at the time (of course they were all selling out super quickly) but some were actually as much as $10 cheaper than others for the item, and shipping costs also varied. And because I was at uni and on a tight ass budget, I was willing to wait for the cheapest option to become available. And I did. I think. I can’t actually remember how it all ended to be completely honest, but I know that whenever one store would sell out I would pop over to the other one for a look and more often than not they had SOMETHING there (even if it wasn’t my size – boo).

Thinking back now, I can’t even remember what the frigging thing looked like – I definitely still don’t own it – but the experience taught me a valuable lesson on the importance of patience and looking at other options.


Hack #5: Sign up to those pesky newsletters 

Yes, it’s a total freaking pain having all of those subscriptions spamming your inbox (especially when you’re broke – talk about depressing!) but they DO hold valuable information. And by valuable information I mean details about sales.

This little ‘trick’ (that most of us will do anyway so we can get that initial 10% off sign up bonus) really does come in handy if you’re not one to regularly check all of your go-to websites in hope of a sale or something you like going clearance. Especially when you’ve got your eye on a number that’s just a littttttle (OK, a hellovalot) out of your price range, and a sweet 40% flash sale would be the perfect justification to buy it.

In fact, some companies have even introduced specific ‘Insta-sales’, where they realise secret code words specifically so that their Instagram customers get first dibs on the massive sales (yes, I am guilty of using such codes). So the moral of the story is basically just to stalk your faves on ALL of their social media outlets, and you are bound to be rewarded for your efforts. Eventually.


And there it is, guys! I guess it’s not the most original list of ‘hacks’ and as I said previously, I’m sure you all have your own variation of this guide book (in which I’d love to hear about – I’m always looking to reduce my time spent online when I need one of those painful ‘special occasion’ outfits) but I hope you liked reading anyway!

I kind of felt like the devil’s advocate writing this up, as I know shopping can be a serious addiction (to the point of links to mental illness) for some, so obviously you shouldn’t be going insane and blowing your entire pay check on cute shorts and belts, but I definitely do believe in treating yourself and feeling confident in what you wear, so if this post helps you do it then I’ve done my job 🙂


Till next time,

Viv    x

Style Crushin’ on: Dakota Johnson

I recently watched How To Be Single (twice) and fell madly in love with it; partly for its strong, positive message and refreshingly realistic (to a degree – we don’t all own a cute as hell apartment in Brooklyn) storyline but also for Dakota Johnson’s character, Alice, and her killer wardrobe.

I started out researching for this post (i.e. manically scrolling through google images and pinterest) and had planned just to revolve it around Alice’s looks in the film when it dawned on me…Dakota dresses just as freaking coolly in real life. Her ‘street style’ (or ‘normal, everyday clothes that you wear outside the house’ as us commoners call it) is ridiculously on point, and it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to look at a celebrity/other person’s clothing choices and not be able to fault a single one. Next time someone asks me (OK, let’s be real; it will probably be a quiz or a magazine article) who my style icon is, I will finally have an answer: Dakota Johnson (sans 50 shades). 

So in honour of how much I adore her outfits (and hair! Man, don’t even get me started on how tempted I am to get a fringe) I’ve put together my favourite (most) of her looks, both from the movie and in everyday life.


Viv x


How To Be Single // Alice’s Style:

A quirky mix of overalls, fitted minidresses, chunky boots and stripes. A perfect rendition of a 20-something gal running around New York City (or any city, for that matter). 













Off Duty // Dakota’s Street Style:

A tad more rocker than her on-screen persona, but that’s kinda what I adore about it. Band tees, docs, oversized denim jackets, rolled jeans, loafers, vintage-esque sweaters… Man, oh, man, I’ve literally stumbled upon sartorial heaven. 





fdda59f1c41cd8ea2428434e4d2b100d               f045cab152d29620b36bac19b6753ea7d4483ae8e3bed360b0897ef33f77e663







Author’s Note: All images were sourced via Pinterest 

How to Revamp Your Wardrobe (without spending a tonne of $$$)

So, you’ve got a shit-tonne of clothes but you’re sick of them ALL.

You’ve worn your favourite shirt to death, and rotated those three pairs of shorts like there’s no tomorrow, and you’re either ridiculously broke or nothing in the shops/online has struck your fancy.

We’ve all been there – wanting a fashion change, hell, even just an update, and the universe is working against you. But sometimes the ingredients for this project are right in front of you, or possibly in a giant pile on the floor.

Sooooo, before wracking up some serious damage with your PayPal account in a frantic “I don’t own anything cool!” frenzy, here’s a few ideas to consider that will give your wardrobe that much needed “freshen up” without forcing you to eat Mi Goreng for 5 weeks straight.



It seems like such a simple solution, right? Well, it is, and a totally genius one at that. If you’re on the shorter side like moi, or just have a love for baggy t-shirts, then knotting those bad boys is the perfect way to change the way your outfit looks without actually having to buy anything. Personally, I like to knot my tees in the centre/front to give them a cropped-but-baggy look that works excellently with high-waisted anything. Chuck a belt on and voila! You’ll notice the difference instantly.

Another cool idea it to knot your maxi skirts/dresses/basically anything long and flowy that goes past your knees. It’s trending majorly with Spell and the Gypsy gear, with some of the gals even knotting their dusters to give them a cropped look (and save them from the mud at all of those fabulous Byron festivals).



Despite Summer desperately trying to overrun Autumn here in Oz (we are midway through and it’s STILL HOT), Autumn/Winter are usually the perfect seasons to experiment with layering. And no, I’m not talking the singlet-then-jumper-then-jacket kind of layering, I’m talking skirts with tights, dresses over jeans, open long-sleeves over your favourite tee and leather jackets with EVERYTHING.

Also, all of our favourite chain stores have jumped back onto the the flannelette-look bandwagon again and it is RAD. Chuck one of these bad boys on to instantly grunge up your outfit, or tie it around your waist a-la-instagram for that effortless “I just threw this look together but this flannie will actually be super useful later when I’m fucking cold” vibe. And like I said literally EVERYWHERE is selling their own version (yep, even Kmart) so if you need to invest in one then you’ll be able to pick one up for pretty darn cheap.


Patches + Pins

Over the last few months, the patch game has been taking over my instagram in storm-like proportions, and it seems like every cool brand/online store/person is either selling patches or has a nice little collection on their favourite denim jacket or backpack.

Always affordable, these little guys are the perfect way to spruce up your very own denim jacket, but if you’re not feeling 100% committed to changing your old-faithful, scourge your local op shops to find a cheapy to experiment with. Lapel pins are also an excellent accessory for said jackets and bags, with the added bonus of being able to be moved around whenever you like!



We’ve all got that pair of jeans that is okay and passible to wear, but you’re not particularly attached to them. So, instead of letting them gather dust and take up valuable closet space, be brave and give them the chop. If you’re still wanting them to maintain their identity, then shortening, fraying the hems (Sophie from Fashion Slave has a super easy tutorial for this here) or ripping at the knee is the road for you. But if you’re feeling a little less attached and a little more daring, then take the plunge and turn those bad boys into some cute shorts or a skirt.


Op Shopping

Something I don’t do enough of. But that’s probably a good thing, because you can casually wander into your local charity store “just for a look” and drag yourself outta there loaded with recycled bags full of goodies. The best thing? Well, there are a few. Firstly, it’s darn cheap. Secondly, most of what you’ll find will be quirky, possibly vintage, and you’ll never have that awkward outfit twinning situation with a stranger. And lastly, and most importantly, you’re supporting the reusable fashion movement, which is not only great for the environment, but makes you feel pretty darn good knowing that you’re recycling instead of buying new.



Pretty self explanatory, but an excellent device none the less. Hats are not only ridiculously on-trend at the moment, but to me, they will always spunk up an outfit and remain cool. I recently brought a Brixton Fiddler cap (from The Hat Store on the Gold Coast. Could not recommend these guys enough! I got my baby in less than 48hrs) and I am in love with just how different/edgy it can make an outfit. Yes, the decent hats are going to be $40 +, but I like to look at them as an investment piece rather than a lot of money spent on an accessory.


And, voila! I hope some of these little tricks can give you some inspo during this trans-seasonal period. I know I’ll be giving some of these ideas a go (and please remind me of this post next time I happen to be “browsing” on Princess Polly :p)


Over and out,


Viv    x

Saving vs. Spending: The Festival Season Struggle

AUTHOR’S NOTE: So I started this post just a casual ten months ago, but I still think it is just as relevant now as it was then. Hell, when ISN’T the saving vs. spending debate rattling through our heads? Anyway, this one’s for all the gals and guys who would rather have a closet full of delicious clothes rather than a beefed up bank account. Enjoy! x


June, 2015

With a month until my Byron holiday, I am frequently being faced with the dilemma of buying something cute vs. saving extra cash for the holiday. So far, impulse buying has won. Every. Single. Time. I don’t know what it is about fashion at this time of year, but it is particularly grand. I am finding nice things EVERYWHERE I turn (don’t even get me started on the online stores) and it is absolutely draining my bank account.

I’m trying to be good, I swear (um, well, kind of) but it’s so easy to justify the “oh, I’ll just wear that in Byron (or Bali)” card. Shopping FOR the vacation is a thing, right?


April, 2016

Soooooooo……not much has changed. It’s a month until Groovin and I officially began my ‘holy shit I have so much to do/organise/what the fuck do I wear?!’ freak out last night, and although I ticked the outfit off my list (hooray) there’s still the whole saving-money-to-later-spend thing that I have to worry about.

Actually, let’s rewind for a second back to the outfit…

Now, if any of you are like me, then one of your favourite things to do is to skulk around shopping centres and endlessly scroll through online stores and instagram searching for inspiration/the elements to make your perfect festival outfit. It’s not an easy task, and certainly not a quick one, but there’s no better feeling than finding an absolute gem and it’s in your size and you can actually afford to buy it right now *overexcited girly squeals*!

However, last night I took a slightly different approach to creating my Groovin get-up. Usually I completely disregard whatever’s already in my wardrobe, because I am one of those people who only wears 20% of the clothes that she owns because the other 80% are jumpers and fancy dresses that I’ll probably never wear (but are too darn pretty to get rid of).

My first thought was: ‘Shit, I’ve only got two more pays until Groovin’. The second was: ‘nothing I’ve seen screams “Groovin 2016” in any of my go-to shops lately’. The third: ‘I don’t want to look too dressed up, but I also want to look cute and still be cool because it’s Townsville and it’s always a scorcher of a day’. Which is how I ended up tearing through my wardrobe at 11pm on a Monday night, trying to get creative with my go-to staples.

The result? A cute camisole (op-shop score), open blouse over the top, a favourite pair of high-waisted denim shorts, my trusty black belt and ever-faithful Docs. I’m hoping to accessorise it with this cute Brixton hat (fingers crossed that it fits!) and maybe some iamu metallic tattoos or glitter. Simple, but effective.

The best thing about this outfit is that I’m only spending money on a hat (always a valuable purchase) and a container of glitter that will easily last me months.

Of course, Groovin is a relatively relaxed festival in terms of it’s patrons’ fashion choices, with many of the gals opting to wear the smallest crops/shorts that they can possibly get away with (and hey, if that’s what you feel comfortable in, then good for you 🙂 ) but I like to settle somewhere in between my everyday outfits and shit I’d wear out to town (which again, is a little more eclectic than what’s deemed acceptable in Cairns, but fuck it).

Hopefully I don’t get a bee in my bonnet and change my mind last minute, or go to Townsville and impulse buy a completely new outfit (*cough* me @ Splendour 2015) because now I can save for the really important things like ciders and hot chips and maybe some festival merch.

So, what was I trying to say with this post? Well, I really have no idea. BUT, if you’ve got a cool event coming up, maybe try searching through what you already own before going out and blowing your cash on a cute outfit that you’re only going to wear the once. Even if you just use a base piece, such as a pair of shorts or a jacket, and work your outfit around that, you’re already saving valuable cash that could be spent on the day.

If you’re wanting to stand out from the crowd, or simply not show up wearing the same City Beach-sourced outfit as 50 others girls there, then op-shops and vintage stores are going to be your best friend. Full of cheap, quirky, one-off pieces, these grungy little havens are sure to deliver the goods, so even if you never wear that sequinned dress again, at least you bought it for a fraction of the price!

Or, if like a lot of us, you’re a broke uni student and simply can’t afford to go out and buy the trendiest outfit on the rack, then accessories are for you. Hats, jewellery, metallic tattoos, glitter…all of these guys can spice up your outfit (plus the other 80 that didn’t make the cut) and are usually a bit more bank account-friendly. When in doubt, raid your friends’ wardrobes! You never know what treasures your gal-pals may have lying around.


Image via Pinterest
Image via iamu collective
Image via Spell and the Gypsy Collective
Annalise McLachlan @ Blues Fest 2016. Shot by Mel Carrero


Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for whatever up-and-coming adventures you’ve got planned over the next few months 🙂 I’ll try and sneak another one of these festival-inspired posts in before Splendour springs upon us (let’s all pray that I can secure/afford tickets again this year) with a little more radical inspo/ideas.


Until next time,

Viv   x