Melbourne Travel Journal: Part 1

As with the majority of trips I take, I planned to document my lovely impromptu holiday to Melbourne last month. Hell, I was so optimistic that I was going to put together a “Pack With Me” post showing you all how I pack for holidays away (you’ll be proud to hear that I wore nearly ALL the clothes I packed, so snaps for me!), but come two days before and I was buggered. So that didn’t happen. But what did happen is this – and a lot more. Enjoy!


Friday 21st July – Morning

Being in Melbourne makes the rest of the world seem very far away. As accessible as it is to travel around, I find myself not knowing where to start, as there is simply SO MANY OPTIONS.

People have been avoiding sitting next to me on the trams. I don’t mind one bit (hello, breathing room!) but it does make me wonder what they’re seeing. I was covered from the neck down because of how freezing it’s been, so nobody can see my tattoos, and surely it can’t be the nose ring? Every second person my age seems to have one. Maybe it’s because I’m actually taking in the scenery and the people around me, instead of furiously scrolling through my social media channels.

One one trip the tram was fairly empty, but I opted to stand at one of the big windows and look at everything! The buildings here truly are stunning. I love seeing what everyone puts out the front of their funkily-coloured flats and how different vines and climbing plants have crept up the sides of the walls. People seem to embrace it here – which I love – and the trees are all empty and lovely shades of steely grey. Every now and then you see one that has withstood the testing weather and is still lusciously green or (my favourite) orange. 

This place has been inspiring me to no end, but I am constantly torn between being in the moment and gulping it all in and taking countless snaps. The rain seems to have eased off so I plan on taking a LOT of photos over the next few days.


I managed to do quite a lot in my 7 hours of exploring yesterday. Some of the places I went to were:

  • Savers (no luck which was disappointing. I think I am in a style funk if I’ve perfectly honest)
  • Brunswick Bound (a heavenly bookstore on Sydney Rd that is filled with the most fascinating books. I picked up ‘Milk and Honey’ [finally!] and ’12 Days of Dash and Lily’, which I didn’t even know had come out so happy days!)
  • Foxtrot Charlie (a huge cafe with the dreamiest combination of concrete walls, light hardwood floors, white accents and funky lighting. Basically if it were a house it would 100% be my dream home)
  • Bell’s Fried Chicken (I trekked up to Gertrude St in search of this gem and they did not disappoint. Super yummy food and delicious homemade lemonade. The perfect meal for such chilly weather)
  • Haigh’s (token chocolate pick up which I’ll probably have to get more of. Easily the best milk chocolate I’ve ever tasted, so it’s probably a good thing we don’t have it in Cairns)

I found that Gertrude St was awesome for independent shops (no luck shopping wise, but it sure was nice to look) same with Sydney Rd over in Brunswick. I’m yet to go record store hunting but it’s on my list, as I’d like to go back to Prahran for more of an explore, and head back to my ‘old neighbourhood’ in the centre of Fitzroy because there stores there are RAD. 

As I’ve been walking the streets I’ve noticed quite a few Victorians in Fitzroy recently sold. They look SO stunning and the perfect size (I love how crafty the residents are here with how they use their space) so I decided that I will be manifesting exactly that. In 5 years I want to own a Victorian flat in Melbourne and be living here. It’s a big step but I’ll be 27 by then and owning a house would be a DREAM.

I feel like Melbourne is my home. I can’t quite explain why, but I just adore it here, and can easily picture living here, which is exactly what I plan to do. 


Author’s Note: This journal exert was written on the second day of my holiday. I woke early, cosied up in bed with a tea and scribbled my little heart out until I got hungry (standard). From then on, I didn’t stop. 

Stay tuned for part 2 next week (because this post would’ve been a small novel otherwise) for more of what I got up to in one of my favourite soul cities.

Till next time, 

Viv  xo


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