My Summer Reading List

Hello friends!

Now that Iโ€™m finally on study break I suddenly have all of this time on my hands…and a big stack of unread books to go with it.

One of my resolutions (that I started when I wrote them down, instead of waiting until January and most-likely losing interest in the meantime) was to read for at least 20 minutes a day, which isnโ€™t much to some people (and not usually much to me) but when youโ€™re working and studying with a pretty hectic schedule, it can be hard to cram in. So now itโ€™s my โ€œsummerโ€ break and Iโ€™m caught up on all of my TV shows, so there are no excuses as to why I canโ€™t do some (a lot of) reading.ย 

In light of this, and having a literal stack of books sitting on my bedside table, I decided to share with you all my โ€œsummer reading listโ€, which was put together completely randomly and consists of books Iโ€™ve been buying over theย past year or so that have gone unread. The genres I usually go for are Young Adult, Mystery, Crime, Thriller with a bit of Sci-Fi and Fantasy thrown in here and there. I hope this inspires you to get reading over the Christmas break (youโ€™ll usually find me curled ย up with a book on Christmas afternoon after a giant roast lunch), even if itโ€™s just a catch up with your favourite magazine (something I also desperately need to do!).




Just finished this one yesterday and I absolutely loved it! I canโ€™t imagine anyone who wonโ€™t swoon over Henry or relate to Rachel or wish they lived at Howling Books themselves.ย 



I started this one back in September but it regretfully got put aside due to my lack of enthusiasm for reading after a long day of well, reading for my course. Picked it up again tonight and finished the second half off as quickly as I could. A really great read that transported me back to Australia in the 1990s and makes me wish even more that I had more of a childhood during that era.ย 



Iโ€™ve already read most of this series, so I can confirm that this is a great book and one of my favourite book series EVER. Which is why Iโ€™m re-reading it, obviously.



The 3rd book in the Firebird series and I am SO FLIPPING EXCITED to read this one. Iโ€™ll also stop making these little comments now because the rest I honestly bought because I like the authors/they had interesting blurbs :p















Coming to the pile soon (thank you James!)


Iโ€™m sure I will unintentionally (intentionally) add to this for, well, forEVER, but hopefully I can get through a decent chuck of these – if not them all – by the time uni starts again in February.ย 


Happy reading!

Viv ย x



*Cover image by Lorenzo Basile Photography


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