An Artistic Idea

So, despite having a completely full schedule at the moment, I canโ€™t help but daydream about all the cool artistic projects I could be doing instead. I will be the first one to admit that I am not really a painter, sculptor or anything else that you would typically think of when you see the word โ€˜artistโ€™. I prefer to express my ideas through words and photography, but Iโ€™ve even been pretty slack with those lately.

Iโ€™ve had a pretty cool idea in my head for a while that Iโ€™ve wanted to put out there, but I was also afraid of the concept getting copied before Iโ€™d even begun the project. But no need to worry about that, because a quick google search of the phrase led me to half a dozen tumblr pages that were projecting my brilliant idea out into the cyber world.

In hindsight, I probably shouldโ€™ve looked it up a few months ago when I had the lightbulb moment whilst half asleep in bed, but I was so proud of actually coming up with a cool concept that could really go somewhere. My exhibition/project was called โ€˜Letters I Never Sentโ€™. Youโ€™re probably reading this thinking, duh Vivienne, how could you have NOT seen that site already? Well I didnโ€™t, until a couple of days ago, but I still think itโ€™s a fantastic idea.

The details are pretty simple; a collection of letters with the sender and receiver names labelled anonymous, displayed in a gallery for all to read. I donโ€™t know about any of you, but I have PLENTY of letters that Iโ€™ve written whilst in an emotional state (but never sent to the person I was writing to), because sometimes just letting it all out on paper is really the best – and safest – way to handle a situation. I was hoping to collaborate with a diverse range of people and after this dream exhibition start it up as a cool website or facebook page like Humans of New York.

So yeah, the idea might sound cheesy to some, but it could also be a space where some really beautiful writers could publish their work and for everyday people to express themselves in a way where they arenโ€™t exposed or have to deal with the consequences of sending said letter.

Plus, there is a sort of old-worldly charm about reading handwritten letters. They seem so intimate and thoughtful in an age where most thoughts are sent via text or email and everyone is just a phone call away. Do I need to find myself a pen pal again? Absolutely! I actually have an old friend in mind who I used to pen pal with back in middle school. We only went to school together for a year, but remained close after she left so we used to write the most extravagant letters to each other (which I have safely kept in a memorabilia box for all these years) and it was fabulous. I might actually (cue eye rolls) send an EMAIL to her now and see if she wants to pick it up again ๐Ÿ™‚

So there, Iโ€™m secretly a word-a-colic. I am forever fascinated by how humans can create such beautiful pieces of literature literally out of nowhere. By putting our thoughts on a page, we are constantly creating new things that others may never have read before, and that alone excites the hell out of me.

Anyhow, if anyone is reading this and likes the idea of starting up a page specifically for letters that weโ€™ve never sent, please let me know. And aside from that, I bid thee goodnight.

Till next time,



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